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Brussels, Belgium

Yves Capelle / alternatyves outc. Pitch Facilitator since 1999. Art Direction / Creative Storytelling / Illustration / Design / Concept Art. With a high profile clientele that spans the corporate, cultural, and institutional sectors, active on a broad range of assignments: story development, production design, scenographic, architectural and film visualising, identity, character design and illustration.
October 2011 / № 081

Until the unscheduled relaunch of alternatyves.com happen, a daily image from current or past projects, doodles, sketches, works in process will be published on the archyves / virtual stake blog.

Why random?

- 1 Made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision.

- 2 Another explanation is working in different fields of practice spanning illustration, graphic design, concept art and film pre production; that diversity does not easily fit into a single, consistent portfolio.

- 3 Cleaning the place for a new beginning.







Lipton website illustration

March 2011 / № 037

Ello Find

Ello Find is a search engine dedicated to raising money for charity. All profits made on search advertising and sponsored links go straight to eight social and ecological projects supported by “Ello”.

Why not searching the web through Ello Find and tell your friends about it, thus contributing more donations?

Also, if you are in Belgium, it can’t hurt to do a little good while you talk, surf or chat with your mobile. Ello Mobile is the first mobile operator established with the sole aim of giving away 100% of its profits. Visit Ello Mobile website to see how.

December 2010 / № 056

Shooting storyboard: car chase and special effects scenes.

The Hot Potato, feature film written, directed and produced by Tim Lewiston, Wardour Pictures and Novak Prod. Shot on location in UK and Belgium.

Synopsis: Based on real events. London’s East End 1969. One evening, a government research establishment explodes; an event that eventually leads the two friends, Kenny (Ray Winstone) and Danny (Jack Huston), being in possession of a large lump of Uranium… They crisscross Europe to find a buyer. Accompanied by Danny’s girl, the lovely Carole. They encounter a diverse cast of bizarre characters, all trying to steal the ‘Hot Potato’, but a deal agreed inside the Vatican has the co-conspirators confounding each other. The story twists and turns to an exciting and unexpected finale.

Only two sequences were storyboarded: the action scene with cars and another scene requiring matte and special effects. Drawn directly with ink on paper, trying to keep the energy of the first draft, the second scene is just sketched roughly – as no more than an outline was necessary.

September 2010 / № 038

alternatyves outc. draws concept illustrations for feature films, advertising commercials, TV shows, animation, events, spectacles and documentaries. Here you can view some of these different storyboards styles in one single pdf document.
If you like this, visit Film Storyboards a side blog focused on pre production and storyboarding works, and feel free to send your film, animation and illustration related links to @FilmStoryboards on Twitter.


Storyboards portfolio is also available for download and print.
Storyboards Samples (pdf)
Alternatyves-outc Storyboards Samples

Comedy Showwaiters launch

Introducing the hilarious Comedy Showwaiters
Café Kølbert’s Comedy Showwaiters was established in Denmark in 1985 and quickly rose to cult status, performing all their way up to the Royal Court.
Now with a brand new identity, the Comedy Showwaiters present their London branch, starting with the re-launch of their UK site.
Almost hand-crafted, the site serves as an introduction to the Showwaiters‘ particular universe and dreams.
With a blend of twisted British butler’s tradition and a serious dose of improvisation, always with elegance, the Comedy Showwaiters have served at countless events, dinners, corporate incentives, special moments, receptions and parties and will continue to do so covering great distances by land, see and air.





Visual design & branding by alternatyves outc.

February 2010 / № 003

Welcome to alternatyves outc. work’s excerpts; let’s start with some older works first. Here are some portfolio samples back from 2007. From sketch to illustration, with a few storyboards samples.



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