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WeAreNotYou is a small, independently run design studio in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. We are constantly making advances in the spectacular. YouAreNotThem & WeAreNotYou. www.wearenotyou.com
January 2012 / № 034

First and foremost, welcome to 2012 everybody! To bring in the new year with a clean slate, we have just launched the new site for the studio filled to the brim with all kinds of new work. Please enjoy the fruits of our labor.


For the blog, we decided to try something a little different. More of an experiment in the web for us, we separated the two. Check back in the upcoming months for original content that you will only find on YouAreNotUs


With thanks from WANY / YANU

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February 2011 / № 032


Hello KDU and followers ….

Just wanted to share a little something that the studios project manager has finally got up and running after what seems months of dev work … ladies and gentlemen, I give you ToggleChat!  Toggle Chat basically expands a search engine’s parameters by automatically creating a chat room based on the search topic or phrase. This will allow the user to interact with other individuals searching for the same subject and gain more insight. Think of it as social media for searching!

Currently its only working on the Chrome browser and is being tied into Safari, Firefox and any other platform we can get our grabby hands on. So if you feel like checking it out and giving comments, feedback and or critiques please feel free. This was built for everyone in mind.


**UPDATE: we noticed a little bug in the login section …. and will be fixed by tonight!

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April 2010 / № 029

Picture-1Living is southern California has its perks, today unfortunately was not one of them. A 6.9 earthquake hit Baja, Mexico no more than 15 minutes ago. Living on the 9th floor of a building built in the early 1900’s, makes for an exciting ride to say the least, I dont think the studio mascot, Izzy the cat felt the same. Happy easter KDU.

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February 2010 / № 028


We will be running about only 50 or so copies of our first studio zine for the masses… more to come

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January 2010 / № 024


A sneak peek of some upcoming jewelry we have been producing at the studio.

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January 2010 / № 019

Hook and reel poster designed for my alma mater.

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We have been hard at work putting the final touches on the newly revamped Social Trust site, and now its live and making its way around. I can only hope that we are nearly as happy with it as Paul is, we hope you enjoy.

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October 2009 / № 011

Today as i was headed to do my daily gym routine, I had the fortune to run into one of downtowns local legends, Nathaniel Anthony Ayers. I have seen him around downtown a couple time but had never had the chance to listen to him fill the air with his amazing talent. I sat down on the steps of Pershing Square amongst 3-4 others, and enjoyed listening to this former Juilliard student. I must say it was the best 20 minutes i have spent all day. I hope that he choses to use the nickel (the nickname the homeless gave 5th st in the 50-60’s) as one of his frequent concert halls. I Love Los Angeles!

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September 2009 / № 005

First & foremost, thanks to the KDU team for bringing me aboard. For the first initial W.A.N.Y. post i wanted to share a bit of the studios love for type. I hope you enjoy.


Great article on top 10 most common mistakes in typography

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