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Rio de janeiro, Brasil

Rodrigo Lima (aka.Tizil) was Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and have always been linked to colors, graffiti, chaos, music and typography.
Since an early age, he had shown extreme sensitivity to shapes and lines, which later led him to fine arts and graphic design school. 
Over the past years he has experienced the fashion industry creating graphics and assisting the development of clothing lines for Brazilian brands. Along with that, Rodrigo has taken part of some fine arts related projects with some exposure in Rio de Janeiro- Brazil, and New York city- USA, and motion graphics as well. 
Workaholism, letter, lines and primary colors describe an artist that keeps a strong and organic identity.

February 2009 / № 024

Well, a few months ago a friend of mine was putting together a show at a college gallery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and asked me to enter with a piece.

Many thanks to Fillipe Brum.

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