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Leg1t is a lifestyle and clothing brand established in 2010 that is based in New York City. With its roots starting out in the local car culture, Leg1t continues to evolve with hopes to become a premier lifestyle brand. Visit Leg1t website here.

LEG1T Sunglasses Ad

Rated R_Leg1t Sunglasses ad

My kids double dared me to draw a cartoon monster on my wall street newspaper using sharpie markers. They love it and I love my kids. :-P :-) Check out all the love I’m gettin for this on my facebook page.

Full shot of sharpie drawing on Wall Street Journal newspaper

Head shot of sharpie drawing on a Wall Street Journal newspaper.

Close up of Fly Guy CEO-in'

I am excited for the release of my third brand D.I.B.S. stands for Do It Big Son, which is the motto everyone behind the brand lives by. It was created to support the people pursing and struggling for their dreams. The music producers and rappers living in basements, recording in booths built from makeshift materials. The filmmakers shooting on used equipment, spending hours perfecting their craft. The student who defies the impossible and doesn’t take no for an answer. Go for it, your dream, your passion, whatever you live for. Life is not about the wealth and fame but about the journey.

Live for the stories, live for the friends, live for the ride.

Check out D.I.B.S. 2012 Summer Lookbook at www.doitbigson.com

D.I.B.S. 2012 Summer Lookbook Intro Page

Do It Big Son

Welcome to the Smoker’s Club. A collection put together by the creator of the ever so popular Piffsburgh & Pittsburgh King Hats, (which is Wiz Khalifa favorites) – Soul II Sole, & King of Graphic Designs Solomon Reese teamed up to do a collaboration for all the serious smoker’s out there!

Smoker's Club Video Intro

Smoker’s Club represents the smoke culture of weed smokers everywhere. From the occasional social tokers to the heavy chokers.  Smoker’s Club is a collection that stands out amongst our peers and allows them to express their love for all things green and sticky.  Whether you are Wakin’  and Bakin’, Still Smokin or looking for some Weed for Thought, Smokers Club has a favorite flavor for you, to make sure you’re always Above the Clouds.  So Take Two and Pass the FLAVOR at your local Smoker’s Club!

Smoker’s Club Lookbook video on YouTube

May 2012 / № 001

My name is Solomon, and I am a versatile designer. I love typography, illustration and graphic designs. One day hopefully, I will do industrial designing like Iron Man, hahaha. I want to say it’s an honor to be the newest member of this Elite Club – Keystone Design Union, same club Kaws and other great designers are apart of. I mean I’ve been a self taught computer and freehand designer of two years, and I’m getting recognition for all those overnights I put in. Call me the kid that don’t sleep cause I wish to become the true King of Graphic Designs one day.

Check out a KDU Character I did, call him Sir Elite.

Sir Elite is rockin' a fitted and Jordans.
Sir Elite is rockin’ a fitted and Jordans.














Book Cover Design

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