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Oulu, Finland

I am a 23-year-old graphic designer / art director / illustrator from Finland. I have been involved in graphics for almost 8 years and was also selected as the Young Advertisement Designer of the Year for 2007 in Northern Finland. My work has also been featured in several prestigious design websites and magazines.

At the moment I am entering my final year in Oulu University of Applied Sciences Business and Information Management, majoring in Digital Media. I am also currently working as a graphic designer for Finnish advertising agency Työmaa, but I am always ready for interesting freelancer projects.

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March 2010 / № 017

ardtArdentees just released their debut collection, Holler! which strives on the aesthetics of feral audacity and post-grunge. Each design is a collaboration with a up and coming designer or artist who’s given carte blanche for creation.

Check out the designs at www.ardentees.com

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March 2010 / № 015

Nice shirts and nice community!

Voices Republic is place where community members (read: you!) get vocal about what really matters. From local to global concerns, this is a platform where opinions are encouraged and respected. We are a community of creative individuals, constantly seeking inspiration and striving to stay socially aware of the world around us.

Check out Voices Republic!

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Win up to $2750 in a design competion against the likes of Pete Harrison (UK), Rik Oostenbroek (NL) and Mike Campau (US).

A new lifestyle brand from Finland called UU Theory gathered ten inspiring artists around the world into a friendly competition and promised to pitch in a competing entry themselves. In addition they will select 40 challengers from an open challenge to compete in the final. The task is quite free – besides the format (Horizontal A4 300dpi), the only limitation is that you have to somehow include the brand’s logo in your creation. To make the competition more memorable, all works of the 51 finalists will be compiled into a book.

The deadline for submissions is 24.4.2010.

Download the UU logo and find out more about the competition at:

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February 2010 / № 009


I have been working graphics and a visual identity/world for the new movie by Mika Ronkainen. It’s a funny story about finnish Rugby team!

Check out the site for more information: http://www.freetimemachos.com

“A comedy about the most northern and third lousiest rugby team in the world.”

October 2009 / № 006


I’m art directing Automatic eyes next album. Got lots of work to do including new logo, cd-covers, magazine ads, website, flyers, posters etc…

Last night we had about 8hour photoshoot session. Really nice photos coming up and I got all my ideas done. Even more! Photographer was a great photographer and a friend of mine Pasi Lehtinen.

iPhone photos from the session above.

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September 2009 / № 004


I was photographing in this year Time Tunnel party here in Oulu. It was a great party like always.

Check out the photos from my flickr account.

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August 2009 / № 003

It’s looking nice guys. Big hand to the KDU crew!

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