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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pedro Julien is a 25 years old graphic designer and illustrator. Has been creating his visual concept for ther last years. Actualy studing graphic design in Brazil spend your time in his freelancer projects and your own projects. By his visual world, he design, illustrate and create some forms trought traditional and digital techniques. Always in searching for new styles, artists,techniques, he is passionate for art. Also has the prvilage to work with some especifcly corporates like, eletronic music labels, rock and alternative music bands, visual identities, websites and concept art. At the moment still searching for more new opportunites of freelance works. Recently I received an invitation to join the digital art collective konvulse, so currently I am an artist of this collective. www.pedrojulien.net www.behance.net/pjulien twitter.com/pedro_julien pedrojulien.tumblr.com
February 2009 / № 017

The piece is a collaboration between Pedro Julien and Mark Vlek de Coningh

low_MAGNESIUM Mark and PJ copy

dtl3_MAGNESIUM Mark and PJ copy

dtl2_MAGNESIUM Mark and PJ copy

dtl3_MAGNESIUM Mark and PJ copy

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