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Manchester, UK

An illustrator, typographer, designer,.

Male, smaller than average, good/bad SOH, beard wearing, right-handed, Rotring loving, Mancunian.

February 2010 / № 030


RYZ x KDU – World Paradigm Collection

A bit about my contribution…“Solar deities and sun worship can be found throughout most of recorded history in various forms. This illustration, my interpretation of a Sun God, was to place emphasis on the concept of ‘Worship’.
“With these shoes, worship the ground you walk on.”

If you like these they can be purchased here…

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September 2009 / № 003

Wooden Toy Quarterly and Semi-Permanent presents Lyrics and Type.

Exhibition starts on the 9th October at the Gorker Gallery http://www.gorkergallery.com/gorker_home.html

http://www.woodentoyquarterly.com  http://www.semipermanent.com




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