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Currently providing insights to the following IED (European Institute of Design) Masters:
Graphic Design / Art Direction
Art Direction Premium / Communicating the Excellence.

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February 2009 / № 175



Fluttuo creates only one copy of each jewel, so that it will be as unique as the person who wears it.
For additional informations visit:
One-off jewels, handmade in Italy.
February 2009 / № 163
Sandra Lovisco s an italian Hair & Make-up artist for fashion, editorial and advertising campaigns.

The Brand concept expresses values like excellence, precision, femininity and elegance.
The whole visual identity is characterized by the use of the diagonal golden line, symbol of perfectionism and style, affecting both print and online applications.

Sublimio developed a Unique Design Formula including: Concept Development, Branding, Corporate Image, Online Experience including CMS system and Branding applications.


For more info please click here / To experience the Sandra Lovisco website click here.

Enjoy your day.

February 2009 / № 132

Ayana Events
Branding for an italian event management agency


Ayana Events is an ambitious event management agency located in Rome – Italy, offering a wide selection of services to international Brands.

The Ayana Events tagline, “We work for your success“, testifies the corporate attitude and mission.

The Ayana name comes from african language, and it means “beautiful flower”.
It expresses the energy and the creativity carried out by the Brand, whose values of beauty and efficiency differentiate it from its competitors.

This Unique Design Formula includes: Branding, Concept Development, Visual Identity, Literature Design, Online Experience including advanced CMS system.

Experience the Ayana Events website by clicking here.


For more info please click here.


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February 2009 / № 111

Joe Barbieri
Cult Chansonnier Rebranding


Joe Barbieri is an internationally esteemed italian chansonnier.

“Like the painter Plasson in the novel “Ocean Sea” by Alessandro Baricco used to paint the sea using the sea water and obtaining smooth and intangible paints, almost white, it could be said that Joe Barbieri sings the air through the air, the absence through the absence, the empty space through the empty space.”


This stimulating Rebranding project is related to the publishing of the long awaited new album, named “Respiro” (Breath), published last March the 20th. Thanks to the international appreciations gathered through the years, this album will be launched worldwide in more than 62 countries.

Sublimio has been responsible for the whole Brand renewal, from concept to print and web applications: Rebranding, Visual Identity, Branding Applications, Online Experience (mobile devices versions included) and full CMS.


Web Development: Matthew Ferry / Photography
Andrea Boccalini


To see the full Unique Design Formula click here.












For more info please click here.


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Freely Collection 2012

For the recently released Freely Collection 2012
I had the chance to repackage the entire
FluttuoPieces of Joy Formula
including the Event organization, photo shooting and product design consultancy.

Photography: Focale / Model: Vera Sangiorgio
Still life: Tiziano Mario Castelli / Styling: Maria Sole Luddi
Hair Styling: BH Salon Torlupara / Make Up: Luana di Gennaro
Event Photography: Eric Mansuell

To see the previous Fluttuo visual identities click here and here.

For more info please click here.

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February 2009 / № 061


ArteArredi (FurnitureArt) is an italian Brand designing and producing custom furnitures with a selection of premium woods.

The Brand’s neat identity testifies the exceptional products’ design and building quality. According to the Brand’s Tagline “Arredi d’eccezione” (exceptional furnitures), the logotype subtly contains the Brand symbol: a one of a kind chair, represented by the custom designed “rt” letters.

The color scheme, inspired by wood’s essence, and the overall design evoke a simple yet sophisticated identity.

The ArteArredi Unique Design Formula included: Concept Development, Naming, Branding, Corporate Image, Visual Identity, Online Experience including CMS system and Branding applications.

Sublimio_ArteArredi_07_SettiminoSublimio_ArteArredi_04_Logo Sublimio_ArteArredi_03_Logo_ConstructionSublimio_ArteArredi_11_FontSublimio_ArteArredi_09_ColorsSublimio_ArteArredi_10_Corporate_ImageSublimio_ArteArredi_05_PostcardsSublimio_ArteArredi_02_OrangeSublimio_ArteArredi_06_Website_HomepageSublimio_ArteArredi_12_Website_About

For more info please click here.

February 2009 / № 075


Genex is a well known italian company designing and producing custom coaxial connectors for international companies for decades now.


This stimulating Rebranding project is based on the distinctive “eye” symbol, designed to represent the two Brand key values: the company’s engineering experience and the cutting edge services provided.


The Genex Unique Design Formula included: Concept Development, Visual Identity, Corporate Image, Promotional Material, Online Experience including Advanced CMS system and Branding applications.


Click here
to experience the Genex Website.

For more info please click here.



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