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San Francisco, USA

Little Red Robot [LRR] is a production company and directing brand. I am owner, creative director and direct films.

Each project is approached as a unique opportunity to propel thoughts and ideas into new territories and push the envelope in visual innovation in an undeniably original fashion.

Little Red Robot has kicked it with.... Coca-Cola, Universal Music, Geffen Records, Capitol Records, EA, Ubisoft, VH1, A&E, Ebay, Google and a few others...

Designs are carried out across all mediums including print, web, broadcast and experience/installation.

The Global News Network (G.N.N) is a fictitious news program we developed for Sony Computer Entertainment as part of the marketing a new multi-player game called MAG.

Check out the 12 cool interactive videos we produced for the digital experience allowing you to rollover content in the videos and click and gain much more information and imagery. It’s pretty cool technology.

This is what TV may look like in 2036.


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