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London, United Kingdom

Illustrator, designer & amateur writer al'a critique, with a taste for typography, web, motion, print and digital fluff.
Opinionated, open-minded, disco dancing on the rave scene, scratchy itchy light englishman.

Daniel James Diggle is a creative working across illustration, print, digital and dabbling with motion. Having worked with a broad spectrum of clients, from adidas, Footlocker, Virgin Money, COI, The Economist, BT, Nesta and more, creative solutions have been produced to help innovate and develop brands and their relationships with the consumer.

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February 2009 / № 094



Destroy The Machines

Depthcore collective have just launched their new chapter “Obsolete” alongside their new website. The piece, Destroy The Machines was re-worked to become part of the chapter. Check out the great Depthcore works here.

The human hands that built their own cage, rise up and strike against the metal bars of their self made oppression. Fighting under one banner and crying in chorus, “Destroy The Machines”..

kdu_bullet1Development images here.

― Daniel J Diggle





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