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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Denham the Jeanmaker was launched by Jason Denham in Amsterdam during the Spring of 2009. Associated with KDU by way of the union's unwritten Kindred Spirits Provision, the team at Denham focus on three simple design mantras when creating their range of denim and utility-tailored collection pieces; The Truth is in the Details, Worship Tradition/Destroy Convention, and Denham Design, Denim Integrity. The label's designers recognize they're working within a centuries old work and utility clothing tradition and are dedicated to pushing that tradition forward by hard-won increments. The team's process involves rigorous research into vintage design, continuos experimentation and an ambition to develop their own modest culture of invention.
September 2011 / № 036

This weekend Method Furniture will be premiering the METHOD x DENHAM “JOURNEYMAN” (a Steamer Trunk for a Jeanmaker) at the 100% Design Exhibition in Earls Court in London September 22-25.


How we got there? Way back before we had a real website (all of two-and-a-half years ago) we blogspotted about our Made in England denim and leather bags.  In that early posting we rhapsodized about the ingenuity of early luggage design with descriptions of Louis Vuitton’s pioneering innovations.  Flash forward to the present day and we’re now proud that our own modest approach to modern utility design caught the attention of the fledgling luxury furniture maker, Method Design in Scotland.

The respect between the design team at Denham and the team at Method was mutual from the onset.  We rant on and on about “worshipping tradition while destroying convention” while Callum Robinson and Marisa Giannasi had been busy crafting their own design concept based on exactly the same creative ethos.  Honestly we didn’t contribute that much to the project beyond cheering Callum and Marisa on from the sidelines as they undertook some 300+ hours of pure craft creation to realize our combined vision.  The result speaks for itself.

Stop by and see it along with their other sublime work if you’re in the neighborhood. If not, have a look for the movie and more details on the trunk at our website.



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September 2011 / № 024

'Cut the Breeze' t-shirt

Last Friday we celebrated the launch of our 2nd House Guest Artist in the Denham Store in Amsterdam.

After having a local hero, Alljan Moehamad, for the first project, the 2nd in our series of guest artists welcomes STB Tees into the Denham House: a stand alone project by jakenoakes, who traditionally specialises in printed media (mainly books and magazines) often creating limited edition, bespoke publications.

Most recently jakenoakes designed Bill Gold: PosterWorks, the first limited-edition publication for luxury publishing house Reel Art Press (available through reelartpress.com) and co-created a live interactive stage show for Groove Armada.

The DENHAM geometric scissor design has a timeless yet contemporary appeal and was inspired by the works of Sol LeWitt.

www.jakenoakes.com | www.denhamthejeanmaker.com

Graphic works for 'Cut the Breeze' project

Window House Guest Artist 2 for Denham

Store House Guest Artist display

Jason&Jake KDU

House Guest Artist 2 Reception at DENHAM Store Amsterdam

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April 2011 / № 020

Newly Opened… A fully bespoke denim service by Denham.

Jason and the team at Denham are thrilled at the slow and steady re-emergence of craftsmanship in the world of denim.  Artisan operations are just beginning to appear on the radar, inspiring renewed interest in fundamental quality and reigniting real appreciation for the joys of long-term denim ownership for a new generation. Having tested the waters with their Blue Salad Bar two years ago, Denham is now ready to reveal their unique take on the in-store atelier concept; the team at Denham has integrated each key element of their label’s basic premise of worshipping tradition while destroying convention to realize their contemporary vision on bespoke tailoring.

The newly opened Service Co. is directly adjacent to the Denham Store at 495 Prinsengracht in Amsterdam’s nine streets neighborhood. The space was laid-out by Jason, “the Jeanmaker” himself, and perfectly reflects his idea of the ultimate bespoke workwear atelier. The crowning glory of the space is the new in-house service centre allowing Denham customers access to all the support required for what should be the long rewarding journey between quality jean and passionate jean-wearing; leg-shortening, fit alteration, hand-washing and tear-repair. These are the operations that contribute the character and texture as a Virgin denim transforms into a perfectly broken in one-of-a-kind jean over months and years of wearing.



Before Denham could offer the restoration of individual blue jeans, they had to oversee the acquisition and restoration of the individual sewing machines best suited to the task. Working with local specialists and procuring vintage machines from the US and Germany, Denham’s artisan arsenal now includes:

Union Special (USA) 39300cc security overlock machine

Union Special (USA) 34500 chain-stitch hem machine

Singer (USA) 47W70 darning repair machine

Durkopp (Germany) 212-105 lockstitch machine

Each machine has been restored and re-housed within a row of modern workstations making it easy to interact directly with customers while providing the ultimate environment for jeanscraft.


Since the journey from unworn to worn-in can’t start without a fresh pair, the space is also home to the Virgin denim collection, with a full range of unwashed Japanese denim jean models on offer.  Denham’s Virgin denim program represents their gold-standard for unwashed denim and symbolizes the beginning of a highly individual journey each jean buyer travels from moment a pristine pair is taken home for the first time, to the pleasure of sliding into a uniquely worn-in favorite months later.


Aside from selling the complete Virgin denim collection, services can be provided with turn-around times ranging from a short wait and a cup of coffee, up to 24 hours. Initial operations include:

HAND WASH SERVICE/cold water, natural enzymes

CHAIN STITCH HEM SERVICE/Union Special machine finishing

KNEE REPAIR SERVICE/Singer darning technique

ALTERATION SERVICE/Original lockstitch finish

CUSTOM LABEL SERVICE/Select your own leather

CUSTOM METAL SERVICE/Select your own rivets & buttons


Denham Service Co. is open 7 days a week. Monday & Sunday 12 to 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday 10 to 6pm [Thursday to 8pm]

DENHAM SERVICE Co., Prinsengracht 493, 1016HR, Amsterdam, NL  +31 (0) 20 331 5039, www.denhamthejeanmaker.com

Photography by Philip Jintes

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This past Friday bore witness a reception celebrating the first official Denham House Guest Artist Project.

The concept of the H.G.A series is very simple. We reach out to exceptional creatives whose work we admire and who have a handwriting all their own.  We invite these artists to express elements of our brand signature within a special artwork but we insist it be done without any compromise to their own unique vision… -in other words, we ask them to step into our world but let ‘em do pretty much their own thing. Then we integrate the artwork within special styles in our seasonal collection.


The first artist we asked was a local hero, Alljan Moehamad.  Alljan has inspired a cult following for mind bending pen-and-ink illustrations that seem to flow completely organically from the end of his pen.  He will sit at his worktable; clear his mind and ignite an initial imaginative spark.  From that first ignition the work seems to unfold nearly of its own volition, or at least he’s taught himself to remove any artificial filter between his mind and his hand.  Representational forms sill forth but before the viewer can predict their direction they morph and spin and bloom into other images and objectives.  The result can be compared to psychedelic artwork from the Fillmore Theater days in San Francisco and New York, but they manifest a clean contemporary freshness that can only be from Alljan’s own time and his own place.  Alljan and his vision are nothing if not absolutely original.


The styles featuring Alljan’s artork for Denham were unveiled in our own shops last week.  Alljan has also honored us by exhibiting the full set of original Alljan Skulls of which his Denham scissor-skull is a key part.  The exhibition was installed in our Amsterdam store and served as the heart of Friday’s reception. Limited edition signed prints of the Alljan’s artwork were also produced and given as a special gift to guests who bought one of the new House Guest Artist tees or scarves during the event.  And of course Alljan was on-hand to celebrate with us and meet his fans throughout the evening.



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January 2011 / № 006


On Friday the 14th of January, DENHAM will be presenting the works of the first guest artist, Alljan Moehamad, in the DENHAM Store in Amsterdam. Alljan is a local Dutch talent who is renowned for his hand drawn skull drawings in ink pen. Alljan has the rare ‘freehand’ talent of putting his pen on the paper and not taking it off until it is finished. Together we have created a collection of tees and scarfs with Alljan’s artworks.















Book Cover Design

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