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We are a wife and husband photography duo. This particular pairing under the Constance & Eric brand would be the superman to our Clark Kent. By day we involve ourselves in the editorial and advertising photo world but by night, we don our disguises and challenge the concepts of sexy established by the very people we make a living off of. Together, with two distinctly different artistic backgrounds and gender eyes, we embark on a mission to take back popular social concepts of what sexy is and return it to it's rightful owners, the people. You can see our work in various gallery shows as well as commercial work involving clients who's brand philosophy is in line with our "racy Robin Hood" mission. XOXO, C&E http://constanceanderic.com/
March 2012 / № 043

What is it about group sex that fascinates people so much?

Screen shot 2012-03-22 at 2.26.01 AM

Is it the delightful defiance of conventional ideas of what “rules” sexual acts should follow regarding number of participants?

Our ancient ancestors would use orgies to celebrate life, birth, spring, femininity, and other natural things.

Screen shot 2012-03-22 at 2.26.49 AM

Further back humans would have many partners to ensure the continuation of our species.

Are we supposed to get it on behind closed doors, lights out, curtains drawn?

Does it go against popular religion?

A party that Pope Alexander VI threw in 1501 was described as having  “…courtesans, who danced after the dinner with the attendants and the others who were present, at first in their garments, then naked.” and “…prizes were announced for those who could perform the act most often with the courtesans…”

Screen shot 2012-03-22 at 2.26.43 AM

Perhaps people feel too self conscious to even entertain the idea that sex with an audience could be anything other than horrific?

One of our favorite “courtesans” (Definition: a well-educated and independent woman of loose morals) in the world puts it beautifully.

“there isn’t much room for judgment or close mindedness during group sex and being in a room surrounded by like minded people is liberating and sexy and really fun. because you’re not focused on “all of that shit”, everyone is there to hang “all that shit” up for the duration.”

Screen shot 2012-03-22 at 2.26.24 AM

So hang all that shit up for a moment and enjoy.


Constance & Eric


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Come out to Shag (108 Reobling St on the corner of N6th in Williamsburg) on the evening of Friday the 20th and see our first solo show.

There will be 14 new works hung in the main space and 3 classic pieces in the back room, all are single edition prints.

Shag is a great boutique, there will be free drinks, and one hell of a sexy crowd all make for a promising evening.

Special thanks to the ever lovely Sam and Ashley for their continued support of our work.

Hope to see you there.


Constance & Eric


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October 2011 / № 037

Mattress comes from the Arabic word “matrah” meaning “to throw down”.

Screen shot 2011-10-19 at 12.11.38 PM

The Mattress first came about ten thousand years ago. It was a pile of leaves covered by animal skins.

Screen shot 2011-10-19 at 12.11.45 PM

A mattress will absorb up to 3 gallons of sweat and other fluids in its lifetime which is dependent on quality and vigorousness of use.

Screen shot 2011-10-19 at 12.11.53 PMSymptoms of a worn out mattress include springs poking out, visible sagging, and excessive squeaking.


Constance & Eric


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September 2011 / № 023

“I would liken you

To a night without stars

Were it not for your eyes.”

cc_10“I would liken you

To a sleep without dreams

Were it not for your song.”


~Langston Hughes~



Constance & Eric


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July 2011 / № 017

“And see!  the lady Cristabel

Screen shot 2011-07-29 at 8.15.53 AM

Gathers herself from out of her trance;

Her limbs relax, her countenance

Screen shot 2011-07-29 at 8.16.17 AM

Grows sad and soft;  the smooth thin lids

Close o’er her eyes;  and tears she sheds–”

Screen shot 2011-07-29 at 8.16.40 AM


Constance & Eric

See “Cristabel in it’s entirety at


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June 2011 / № 003


This is our first post under our brand alias Constance & Eric, however, we are no strangers to the KDU.

We look forward to sharing all of our stories and images with you all.

One thing we are interested in is potential collaboration with illustrators, graphic designers, and other creatives who dig our vision and philosophy.



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