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Milwaukee, USA

My name is Brandon Minga; I’ve been on the hunt for greatness, something or somebody to dredge me up from the depths and exploit my over grown passions and abilities. Coming off my last few interviews and considerations for art director , I realized the reason i’m lurking – greatness. Looking to work for and with a group of open minded, talented and brave creatives and thinkers, i want something more.
Graduating from MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design ‘04) I imagined myself being a titan in the art and design world. Although, currently, i feel more like a titan adrift, looking for the proper conduit. As the lead creative at my current employer, I’ve had the fortunate experience of working with big name clients like Kohl’s, Urban Outfitters, Anheuser-Busch, Milwaukee Brewers, Chase Bank and even a few Harley Davidson projects; on a variety of projects that also shift in medium. We go from creating illustrations and graphics for apparel to web graphics to print pieces and prepping this art for each of these various printing processes. I’ve used my knowledge of Digital Design and Development for the company as well as for their clients, ranging from e-commerce, blog sites and branded sites. I also squeak in some freelance and contracted work doing digital and web development, print, apparel, illustration and art direction.
Volunteering with the OnRampMKE.com program, i’ve be able to give back to my community as a mentor and instructor for the students. I’ve played a vital role in the creation of the curriculum and teaching processes, as a guest consultant on the organizations board. MIAD has also given me the opportunity to inspire and to be inspired, as a guest speaker on various panels ranging in topic from, “After Graduation” to “Freelancing as a Creative Professional.” As a student, MIAD approached me to mentor and speak to incoming students, jump starting my desire to engage, share and connect as a team oriented member of society.
Looking to work for and with a group of open minded, talented and brave creatives and thinkers, i want something more. Somewhere that i can channel my passion and thirst for creation; and then be asked if that’s all i’ve got. I want to work with and/or for groups, individuals, companies; making waves.
February 2009 / № 070

Phase 2 of the second tattoo i’m going to have Adam from Adambombgallerie.com work his magic on. this is going to start atop my hand and continue up my forearm to my elbow region. going to be a pretty spectacular tattoo when done. this also may be one of the more indepth typography treaments i’ve done. printed the original vector art out to scale, pieced it together on the light table and then proceeded to layer some sketching paper over it inking this into the current phase. had allot of fun with it. and yes, for those wondering, i have consulted adambomb to make sure the line thinkness and variations are tattoo-able.


minga started work on his second tattoo with Adambomb tattoo’s. this tattoo is going to pretty awesome; starting on top of my hand going up to my elbow region. Adambomb does such great work i’m sure it’s going to be amazing.















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