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May 2011 / № 8004



Originally launched in 2003 as a private, bespoke brand, Serum Versus Venom was always more of an experiment in art and propaganda than a traditional fashion house.
Now, after several years of exploration into it’s own identity, practices and ambition, the brand re-emerges with more commercial aspirations.

“The ethos of SVSV has always been “anti-mass” serving as a platform for myself and my partners to communicate an alternative vision to an industry
driven entirely by sales. We have always focused on putting the concept, quality, materials and construction before the bottom line… now we are returning with a new
balance, hopefully allowing us to engage a much wider reaching audience”
-David Gensler, Founder, SVSV

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May 2011 / № 7950


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May 2011 / № 7926



THE KDU & Serum Versus Venom are proud to announce the official opening of Brooklyn Sewn, a new in-house fashion atelier. The business is strategically located at the KDU’s Brooklyn Studios and will serve local designers and brands, in addition to functioning as SVSV’s primary production and bespoke house.

Services Include: Master Pattern Making, Grading, Small Production Runs, Rapid Prototypes, Sampling and Fine Hand Finishing.

For more information, contact General@thekdu.com

“I am proud to see my dream of a full circle facility realized; everything from concept to final product under one roof. We are dedicated to keeping alive the tradition of producing high quality garments in New York and even more excited to be working with local Designers helping them realize their dreams.” – David Gensler, CEO, The Keystone Design Union

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May 2011 / № 7927


Longtime friends, Osamu Koyama and David Gensler collaborated to produce a series of hand crafted, antique tailoring shear pendants. The project pays tribute to David Gensler’s extensive personal collection of tailoring shears, which number over 800 and span some 450 years of sartorial history.

Focusing on three styles of shears, English, French and American, the collaboration took 6 months to finalize, with each master design being hand carved by Osa. Limited runs will be sold directly by SVSV and will come in a variety of materials including pure gold, silver and brass.

Apr 2011 / № 7790

After several years in hibernation, The KDU is finally relaunching its SVSV fashion line to the general market.

The full collection, web store and physical Brooklyn boutique will launch in May.

To celebrate the upcoming launch, we have decided to release a special collaboration between SVSV and KDU founder, David Gensler and LA based KDU member, Victor Antonio.

“Traveling the world over the past two years inspired me to relaunch the brand. Seeing Victor’s work inspired me to begin shooting my own photography again and be more involved in the day to day process of art and writing. I founded the KDU with my own designs and art and it is time to return, bringing back my own vision.” – David Gensler




Victor and I collaborated for some time playing with various critical theories, philosophies, poetry and prose that we found represented the DNA of what we wanted to convey in this new collection and body of work.

“The entire SVSV brand has always been more about art than fashion and I think this reaffirms that.” – David Gensler

Please view the series here.


New Serum Versus Venom hand crafted Icon Series by KDU Core Member Daren Newman.

Jan 2011 / № 7080

After a productive self-initiated exile from the market, our private design and fashion label, Serum Versus Venom prepares for re-launch. Founded in 2005 as a reaction to the ubiquity of modern streetwear, SVSV will boldly attempt to follow in our own initial footsteps into the avant garde.



David Gensler

Jan 2011 / № 7055


SVSV Re-Launch Campaign just wrapped.

David Gensler

Since inception, SVSV has been dedicated to following our own obsessions regarding design and craft. Rarely engaging the general market, we opted to ignore trends and fads and focus on each individual design and customer.

For us, SVSV has been about creating an environment unaffected and immune to outside stimuli, influence and hype. After years of adhering to our completely private, and at times secretive ways, we are now preparing for a public re-launch, including a full online store with access to all original master garments and accessories.

It is soon time to share our obsession with the world. We hope you will follow.



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Apr 2010 / № 3661

In advance of the launch which has taken 2.5 years to develop, we proudly share with you the VOLKCRAFT identity developed by Daren Newman of Manchester England. Volkcraft is our exploration into the realm of travel and outdoor goods. It is a collision of everything we have developed with SVSV and the latest high tech fabrics and construction techniques. Keep your eyes open for upcoming press and the debut collection and campaign. All products will be available online and at the new Brooklyn based retail location.  






-David Gensler

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Apr 2010 / № 3446

Founded in 2003, SVSV (Serum Versus Venom) has been the personal design and brand laboratory for KDU founder, David Gensler and KDU partner Aersoyn Lex. With a strict adherence to Bespoke craftsmanship, the brand has successfully grown catering to individual consumers and avoiding traditional retail. Volkcraft, the latest collection of designs, focuses on finely finished menswear designed for travel and exploration.

-David Gensler

Fabrics utilized: bone buttons, oiled cotton, vicuna, super 250 cashmere, Schoeller 3xDry, Lora Piana Storm System, 1000 Thread count shirting, and pure silk.

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Apr 2010 / № 3423

Model Shaun Ross wearing SVSV cashmere.


David Gensler

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Mar 2010 / № 3118


This was a personal effort to expose some of the forces that inspired several years of SVSV.  
It was put together by myself and old friend and long time contributor David Harris.   


David Gensler

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Jan 2010 / № 2255

Special thanks to ISH magazine in Singapore for featuring the Keystone Design Union and SVSV.
9.5 low res
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Jan 2010 / № 2238


Heavyweight Oil Cloth Motorcycle Jacket with pure silk swing back lining.  Ultra Suede Under collar and vicuna lined pockets.  Lower left breast have a 6 pocket storage system and a full length ticket pocket.   


Pure triple weight Mongolian Cashmere. Custom Triad pattern, available in Blue, Green, Grey and Purple.


Pure Qiviut Sweater with natural Qiviut bone buttons and leather shoulders and sleeves.
Qiviut is a natural material (musk ox) harvested from far north Inuit tribes.

If you do not know where the material in your favorite fashion comes from… it is a sign that you need to do more research, then demand the best quality from your favorite brands.



Two Tone British Millerain Oil Cloth with Irish Linen half liner. Back has oversized box pleat for extended movement and the cuffs come with either bone buttons or leather ties.
Each jacket is designed, cut and finished, proudly in New York.


Waxed Cotton Safari Travel Jacket. Polished Bone Buttons. Silk finished seams. Pure Silk half liner and natural linen sleeve lining.  

SVSV believes in no season – no calendar of fashion, only properly crafted garments made specifically for our customers needs.  
All garments and objects are designed and produced, proudly in New York City. 


David Gensler

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