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Sep 2010 / № 5309

We all know him….Dior has not been the same without him

and he shaped menswear for years to come….


maalik ausar obasi

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As common practice, when traveling, further afield or inland, ’spare time’ is not really down time. To feed creativity and research, it is just natural to gravitate towards ‘living’ creatively deepening Art interests. I have a great admiration for older architecture and construction methods aswell as photography. The opportunity to merge the two is a positive.

Studio stock images for Print. Vienna.


Aug 2010 / № 4740

Toy Poster

A Boy In Mid Air is an online visual repository curated by yours truly. A collective catalogue of images, ideas, & beauty that moves me and hopefully you.

The image above is from ever-so fantastic Christopher Gray of We Shall See.

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I just came home from beautiful Crete, here are some pictures…

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Thanks to a successful 2009, the KDU was able to expand our old office & studio to include a new 4500 Square Foot Consulting office, and a 2800 Square foot Executive Penthouse. The new space is designed to be a warm and comfortable “lodge,” filled with art and objects from around the world.

The new outdoor make over will be complete in 2 weeks and will consist of a new outdoor photographic shooting wall, new privacy fence and lush gardens.

Mar 2010 / № 3237

I designed this wordmark/logo for Ashley O’Dell of  aodell.com photography. this was a great opportunity for me to work with the very talented and witty O’Dell. As classmates back at MIAD, and i’ve always enjoyed her pronounced style of photography. When she approached me to help her out with her logo, it was a sure fire deal.  Check out some Ashley O’Dell’s amazing photography at aodell.com

These shots are also provided curtsy of aodell.com


I was photographing in this year Time Tunnel party here in Oulu. It was a great party like always.

Check out the photos from my flickr account.

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Aug 2009 / № 207



 nike latin america 09

nike latin america 09



Using Artwork and Photo Illustration we created Striking Poster Images for the NIKE Latin America 09 Campaign.




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