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Jun 2010 / № 4221

More product shots of Mathematica,  the Makeshift Prodigy album i designed. Turned out pretty amazing, couldn’t be more satisfied with the printing overall; but the disc is probably the sickest part. Always love working with these dudes and can’t wait for them to get signed so we can produce something absolutely retarded! thanks

minga x makeshift

Jun 2010 / № 4217

Got a decent camera, so not have product shots is a thing of the past! This picts are of the Fright Rag and Mondo Tees smash i did.  The tee turned out awesome, super soft and colors were almost spot on. Not to mention that they hooked it up with one of the sick metallic, silk screened posters. Thanks! MINGA

ReCap – - … got the chance to work with Ben over at Fright-Rags.com. home of some kick-ass classic horror tee’s. this was a special design for a limited edition run of tee’s in collaboration with Mondo tees, to include a special run poster as well. Awesome, working with Ben, and can’t wait to see what the package, poster and tee, look like together! MONDO is certainly know for their amazing posters…and this is no exception. thanks again to you all! check this out frightrags.infusionsoft.com/link/b22bf4280/cc77c0, this is ridiculous. loving these guys, can’t wait to see what else i can work on for them! HA!

Be warned they are limited to a run of 200, so once they’re gone they are gone. So no sleeping on this one they drop April 16th, make sure to get you one. Thanks – -

Apr 2010 / № 3583

minga x fright-rags

FrightRags x Minga

The wait is over…the Plan 9 From Outer Space
shirt/combo is now available!




POSTER UPDATE: We received the posters
yesterday and they are gorgeous, but they actually
measure 25×17 not 24×18…just wanted to point
that out for you.

Remember, these are EXTREMELY LIMITED.
Only 200 shirts and posters have been printed.
Once they are gone, they are gone for good…

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limited nature of this
special edition,no coupons will be accepted on
the Plan 9 From Outer Space : Special Edition.


Apr 2010 / № 3486

mathematica, makeshift prodigy x minga

Mathematica, Makeshift Pordigy x Minga

Mathematica, Makeshift Prodigy x Minga

Yet again i got to work with the talent of Makeshift Prodigy for their new album, Mathematica. We started out with them sending me some concept art and things to use and be inspired by and i basically did the inverse, lol. Things started to come together and it just happened – luckily MP trusts me and just let me have at it.  For those of you locals, Makeshift will be opening for 30sec. to Mars and Mute Mouth on april 15th @ the Rave. Don’t sleep on the opportunity to check them all out! And of course to pick up your official copy of the Mathematica album.  Thanks again MP for hooking it up with another chance to work with you guys!

Mar 2010 / № 3237

I designed this wordmark/logo for Ashley O’Dell of  aodell.com photography. this was a great opportunity for me to work with the very talented and witty O’Dell. As classmates back at MIAD, and i’ve always enjoyed her pronounced style of photography. When she approached me to help her out with her logo, it was a sure fire deal.  Check out some Ashley O’Dell’s amazing photography at aodell.com

These shots are also provided curtsy of aodell.com

Feb 2010 / № 2676

…just another day at the print shop. Press checking and wandering in the caverns of ink!

Feb 2010 / № 2384

Minga’s giant limited edition giclee print. 1 of 5 at this size, mounted and hung behind plexi, photos here don’t do it justice. will be available for purchase soon! i’ll keep you posted. thanks

Dec 2009 / № 1964

Got another chance to layout some tattoo work from Adambomb This time around we went with some 100lbs text weight flyers from Jak Prints , for use in magazine insertions and leave behinds. We also did a larger letter sized, tear away flyer. Had allot of fun laying these out and they printed great, too.

Dec 2009 / № 1953

Got the final tattoo picture of a design that was commissioned by Jason Kayzar over at MC2, ink by Adambomb.  Included the initial shot of the tat, to document the process.

Dec 2009 / № 1899

Here’s a quick turn, design i did for Pazzo’s 1st annaul food drive. Many thanks to the executive chef Patrick Webb for considering me for the project. We also donated a print for the silent auctions that were happening, benefiting the  Shalom Center of Kenosha. You’ll see the the print below and additional prints are still  available at the Mingadigm.

Dec 2009 / № 1896

Hey there there, happy holidays. Got word a bit ago about a design that commissioned by Jason Kayzar over at MC2. Above you’ll see images of the design from start to first tattoo session. He was inspired by my previous blog-u-mentory on my tattoo by Adam over at Adambomb. Jason’s been a fan of my work for sometime now(many thanks sir) and was looking to have a tattoo done but was weary about getting more done until he saw the bloggings about Adambomb here. So, after consulting with Adam i began creating the design that Jason was thinking and Adam hooked it up. Great job Adam and thanks for thinking of me Jason!

Sep 2009 / № 616

adambomb tattoo gallerieadambomb tattoo gallerie detail

This is the current look of  Adambomb Tattoo Gallerie. The look and feel was directly influenced by the shop’s interior decor specifically the owner’s sculptures. The sites intent is to give the user an experience like that of being at the location. As we move further with this design it will be all about the little details. Little gears and mechanisms moving and turning. The idea being that you’ll notice little things here and there that you didn’t the first time. The same feeling you would get from visiting the shop.  currently live, but still under construction i give you http://www.adambombgallerie.com.

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Sep 2009 / № 611

kingless kingdomkingless kingdom


Hey hey, got the shirts for the Mingadigm store and they are hot! Gotta give my boy Whitney over at Orchard Street Press some major respect for the amazing print job. Super detailed and super soft with the discharge inks and fairly priced for awesome printing, check em out when you get a chance. As always these shirts and many more posters are available on the Mingadigm store so mosey on over and have a look! thanks!


makeshift prodigy vs black minga
makeshift prodigy vs black minga

makeshift prodigy vs black minga

This is an identity and branding project that really pushed us to develop some next level imagery and really get back to our illustration roots. it was an amazing journey and we couldn’t have done the work for a better band. Makeshift Prodigy is a 5 member idie/rock band out of Chicago.

Sep 2009 / № 438
the mingadigm e-store

the mingadigm e-store

Alright kiddies, here she is… my new online store Mingadigm. fully functional and awaiting to be ravaged by viewers much like yourself. have a look and help put the mingadigm store on the map. thanks for the continue support.















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