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Jan 2012 / № 9776



My new pieces of artworks.

You can also find my new artworks on : www.istvanantal.deviantart.com

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Jan 2012 / № 9702

Hello everyone!

So it has been quite a while since I last updated my blog which isn’t that good, but on the upside I have a few projects to share!

This painting here is my first project of 2012 , purely experimental, trying to learn different styles of painting & techniques inspired by two of my favourite artists Danny LuVisi & Reid Southen. I hope you enjoy.



This here is a wallpaper I created for Desktopography 2011. Check out the exhibit here | Download all sizes here

Revenge Is Beautiful

These next two projects were created for Evoke One’s 26th exhibit “Evoke III“. I had a lot of fun creating both projects.

Larger |  Rapture –   Altercation



View all projects in detail herehttp://www.behance.net/TheKyza

So that’s pretty much all for now, but a lot of new work on the way so keep your eyes pealed! Thanks for viewing!

Dec 2011 / № 9589
Sep 2011 / № 9085


My contribution to Gallery 1988’s Tribute to Bill Murray. Which is set to open November 4th in LA (7020 Melrose Ave to be specific). The piece is going to be screen printed with 3 colors on thick textured paper. The concept is about showing Bill’s characters throughout the last 30 or so years and how both he and his characters have evolved over the years.

In other news, I’ve recently left my full-time gig at Go Media (on good terms of course), to pursue freelancing. So if anyone needs my expertise for any reason, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Oliver Barrett  |  Cleveland, Ohio  |  http://www.ohbarrett.com |  ohbarrett@ohbarrett.com |  Twitter

Extra thanks to Matthew Newton for shedding some much needed light on this topic of ‘Influencers’.

Aug 2011 / № 8769

So here I am, a new child who just joined the KDU family. Let me introduce myself:

My name is Michael Ostermann, a 19 year old self-taught digital artist, currently residing in Austria, Vienna. I am fascinated by strange, weird and extraordinary things life has to offer. I like to look behind the curtains and question everything. I’m not interested in normalities, so I try to be completely different than what already has been. I hope that gave you guys at least a little insight on who I am.

One of my dreams is to become one of the best of what I do and by being part of this union, I believe this is a great step forward, so I’m honored to share my work here with all of you.

High-five to all crazy wizards around here, if anybody of you would like to hang out in Skype or talk about collabs and other project, please, feel free to drop me a message.

In case you are interested, here’s my (unfinished) portfolio www.michaelostermann.com and my blog www.michaelostermann.tumblr.com

Here’s my promo, hope you enjoy it!

KDU Promo

Jul 2011 / № 8537

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me. I’ve had a pretty wide range of projects. Check out some shots from them (some are in progress):


This is the beginning of a new body of work that depicts a slight sense of motion and disorientation. More to come from that in the future.


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Jun 2011 / № 8338

Dear KDU members I only got accepted here a few days ago and I was really looking forward for creating  a design for KDU. So this is what I came up with. Main inspiration was Egypt, both culture and history.

KDU Promotion piece - Billelis

KDU Promotion piece - Billelis

KDU Promotion Piece - Billelis

May 2011 / № 7862

29I had this personal project on rest for a while, due to being busy with other projects. Until recently I decided to continue advancing with it. This is one of the newer pieces. Click here to see entire project. It was recently featured on Typography Served

May 2011 / № 7828

The most important and top secret mission in Paris.













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My contribution to the Quentin vs. Coen show next week in NYC. If you’re in the area, you should come check out the show. It’s a show based on characters from the films of the Coen Brothers and Quentin Tarantino. I chose to do a piece on Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction. Say ‘what’ again. This is a very limited print run, and will probably sell out at the show. I may have an extra 15 or so of my own that I’ll put up for sale after the show’s over.

Oliver Barrett  |  Cleveland, Ohio  |  http://www.ohbarrett.com |  ohbarrett@ohbarrett.com |  Twitter


Hello gang !
Just a quick post to let you know that I’ve just updated my website, including both professional and personal work.
Hope you’ll enjoy !
Check it out : www.trustinelements.com

Mar 2011 / № 7429
Mar 2011 / № 7377


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Book Cover Design

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