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To be recognized as the no.1 hotspot in Athens for fashion lovers, trend-setters and personalities.

The Re-Branding concept is based on the “galaxy” term definition:
“any large and brilliant or impressive assemblage of persons or things: ex. a galaxy of opera stars

Mixing elements from greek cultural tradition, mythology, science and philosophy, the Hilton Galaxy Bar puts Athens back to the center of the world.
Exactly where it has been for centuries.

MatteoModica_HiltonAthensGalaxyBar_Logo_Construction MatteoModica_HiltonAthensGalaxyBar_Logo_Black





For more info please click here.

Jan 2011 / № 6760
Dec 2010 / № 6693

Hoop Cola website is one of my latest project done.

Agency: Hand Made Flow
Lead designer: Wojciech Zalot
Copywriters: Robert Trojanowski, Piotr Stawowiak
Flash Developer: Grzegorz Jamróz
Programmer: Jakub Przyborowski
Account Manager: Dorota Sokół
Website: www.hoopcola.pl / www.hoopcola.pl/tlum-plugarow

More details you can check on my Behance account HERE

Cheers and Happy New Year!

ps. New Year will come with some major updates on my PORTFOLIO too

Dec 2010 / № 6630


Vector Calendar 2011 project is brought to you by a few young Artists from Indonesia, and Thmd got a ration making artwork for the month of June. For details to be published in early January 2011. Dont be miss it guys!
Big thx to Heru Prasetyo Jalal for the photos :)

Nov 2010 / № 6312


It is no secret that i’m a big fan of RYZ. Their contests are a great opportunity for all participants to not only gain a little exposure, but also gather constructive criticism and fine tune the detail within designs. The template and render application is truly a great way to visualize conceptual ideas and see them in full display from various angles. Above is my 5 color entry into the recent ‘Back to the 50’s contest’ which will offer $1000 to the winning visual of a coordinated Tshirt and Hi-top Shoe design, which may also be merchandised in a retail store. Voting continues until Dec 10th.

Anyhow, here is what I came up with. Just click on either pic to expand the full image.


Nov 2010 / № 6267

Strada X Wordsmith Cover Projects


ACT NOW™ Charity Project | A Tribute to the Victims of Merapi Disaster in my city, Yogyakarta – Indonesia. Model taken from DBH Templete.

Nov 2010 / № 6162


  • Tshirts i made for some trade and fashion shows.
    Manually hand painted with spray colours.



Nov 2010 / № 6096

Pendulum Immersion-valp (s)

Valp has just launched 2011 page with massive update, includes Pendulum, Armada Skis and Aragorn’s Quest. Enjoy!

Nov 2010 / № 6021

A selection of logos, marks and symbols designed by Sorin Bechira from 2005 to 2010.

More details here.

logos makrs symbols

A selection of logos, marks and symbols designed by Sorin Bechira from 2005 to 2010.

More details here.

Oct 2010 / № 5831



Hello dear friends,

Today is the big day, when I’m breaking the glass, here on the KDU. I’ll present to you two posters based on typography, that got featured on Design and Design Book of the Year – volume three.

I started a small project based on type a few months ago. I used for it famous quotes of well-known artists combined with only few suggestive graphic design elements.

If you want, you can also visit my portfolio here.

Oct 2010 / № 5634

A Tribute to Everybody Loves Indonesia, a new clothing brand from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Sep 2010 / № 5166
Aug 2010 / № 4854

Did an “exit interview” a little while ago with Bijan Berahimi one of the brainchildren behind Fisk, the CalArts student run publication. Find it here and be sure to check out the other interviews as well. Some good stuff from some other recent CalArts grads.

Lorin Brown for Fisk

Jun 2010 / № 4267

Hello people!

Poster which i made for the Show Us Your Type Barcelona exhibition unfortunately over the deadline but after this i decided to finish him.

Enjoy !





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