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Sep 2009 / № 616

adambomb tattoo gallerieadambomb tattoo gallerie detail

This is the current look of  Adambomb Tattoo Gallerie. The look and feel was directly influenced by the shop’s interior decor specifically the owner’s sculptures. The sites intent is to give the user an experience like that of being at the location. As we move further with this design it will be all about the little details. Little gears and mechanisms moving and turning. The idea being that you’ll notice little things here and there that you didn’t the first time. The same feeling you would get from visiting the shop.  currently live, but still under construction i give you http://www.adambombgallerie.com.

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Sep 2009 / № 611

kingless kingdomkingless kingdom


Hey hey, got the shirts for the Mingadigm store and they are hot! Gotta give my boy Whitney over at Orchard Street Press some major respect for the amazing print job. Super detailed and super soft with the discharge inks and fairly priced for awesome printing, check em out when you get a chance. As always these shirts and many more posters are available on the Mingadigm store so mosey on over and have a look! thanks!

Sep 2009 / № 438
the mingadigm e-store

the mingadigm e-store

Alright kiddies, here she is… my new online store Mingadigm. fully functional and awaiting to be ravaged by viewers much like yourself. have a look and help put the mingadigm store on the map. thanks for the continue support.

Sep 2009 / № 434

An illustrated type treatment done for my alias as Black Minga. the idea for this piece was sparked by a gallery show i put on in Milwaukee at Di Carlo salon. it was a fashion forward show and the space there was amazing, really inspirational. I wanted to have something that spoke volumes of my style and techniques and thus here it is.

Aug 2009 / № 120

pilot 2  poster

Hello Everyone /

This is Andy Pickering for PILOT Magazine representing Auckland, New Zealand.

Massive Dynamics and Greetings to all fellow members of The Keystone Design Union. 

A warm handshake is extended to David and Lex for all their hard work in setting up this new online community. I look forward to the many exciting new developments to come.

We come in PEACE

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