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Feb 2012 / № 10057

Kronex Productions is now online!
iPhone 4 cases brought to you by Extraverage, matte black, silver aluminium and bamboo wooden stuff for super limited editions… Watch out for Kronex in the next few months, much more to come.

Feb 2012 / № 9906



Helsinki there we go!!!

Yes, the new for this 1st day of February is that I’ve been selected to take part of the Cut&Paste Final in Helsinki this weekend!!

Excited about it, and even more excited that the staff in NYC and Helsinki choose my artwork to promote the whole event, kind of double win :)

Waiting for the brief and all the rest, finger crossed as always and stay tuned!

Just wanted to share the redesign of my portfolio and my new design projects with my fellow KDU members!!!


Portfolio of UK Designer Billy Bogiatzoglou aka Billelis
Portfolio of UK Designer Billy Bogiatzoglou aka Billelis

Plymouth Prints 150 Design:

Plymouth Prints 150 Design
Plymouth Prints 150 Design

Plymouth Blitz Poster Design:

University of Plymouth Blitz
University of Plymouth Blitz

Music Is …. 3D Typography Poster:

Music Is the Arithmetic Of Sounds As Optics Is the Geometry Of Light
Music Is the Arithmetic Of Sounds As Optics Is the Geometry Of Light

Jan 2012 / № 9891

Lately I have been working on a series of illustrations before going to bed, exploring ideas and developing new characters. Ill be posting a lot of what I have been working on here. That includes the work in progress, rough sketches, finished illustrations and new characters. So to start of this update here is an illustration I am working on.

Jan 2012 / № 9871
Jan 2012 / № 9864
Jan 2012 / № 9798

Past Presents Future (230 x 230 x 50 mm / Plexiglass + Laser)

Jan 2012 / № 9777

Brand New Brand | Coming Strong

Jan 2012 / № 9678

‎”As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” by Marianne Williamson.

Jan 2012 / № 9676
Dec 2011 / № 9606
Dec 2011 / № 9598

Type treatments.
Started with stencils, each layer was sprayed on a separate piece of paper and finally composed in Photoshop.
A selection of ‘Limited Edition’ prints will be available in Early ‘12.







Full project.


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Dec 2011 / № 9580



Photography / Logo / Beacon.

Recently hooked up for an old school style freehand cut from Andrew the Barber over at Eminence.

The man impressed me. He studied Architecture before finally settling back into his full time passion as his artistic craft.

TRUST the Keystone Design Union. Stand out from the crowd & Trust in Human, now more than ever.


Here are a series of shirt and hoodie graphics I did for the Peter Says Denim Company a year ago for their summer collection.


Dec 2011 / № 9543

A few weeks ago I was invited by the good folks at A.K.A to join a few other awesome designers to contribute a logo graphic for their Fake I.D show case event. Here are some shots of the design process of the graphic I created and some shots of the A.K.A team putting the show together. The night turned out great and it was nice to make some new friends and get to know some awesome creatives out here in Vancouver city.




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