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Feb 2010 / № 2564


I have been working graphics and a visual identity/world for the new movie by Mika Ronkainen. It’s a funny story about finnish Rugby team!

Check out the site for more information: http://www.freetimemachos.com

“A comedy about the most northern and third lousiest rugby team in the world.”

Jan 2010 / № 2170

I think not once I had this question and every time I discuss this topic with any of my friends we are getting over excited and started to fight. One day a good friend of mine link me to this article of Craig A Elimeliah (producer at Firstborn Multimedia) from AIGA. I read it and seems to be fair but still doesn’t convince me, and I feel that Craig himself is not 100% convinced about it too. Is this a hard topic? Yes it is. Why? Because I think it depends of every person; it depend of how you feel it…I feel like a designer, is that wrong? People tell me that I am an artist, even if I try with all my heart to stay away from artistic field. What makes you designer, the fact that you are hired by ? The fact that you are dressing like a designer, think like a designer act like one…what makes you a designer? Same questions for artist; what makes you and artist? I want to be an artist, where do I start? What makes me an artist, or even better – WHO?

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Oct 2009 / № 2565
Sep 2009 / № 695

te veo .mi ultima expo en solitario
una serie de telas y objetos intervenidos.
aqui me encuentro pintando de manera primitiva, sin pensar demasiado, investigando la oscuridad y el poder de los colores.



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