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Sep 2009 / № 809


A piece completed for a recent exhibition held in East London, United Kingdom.

The Noise of Art exhibition showcased works by a host of London based artists and creatives, each using a 12 inch vinyl record as their canvas.

Silent Noize is an organic typographic piece, which, after discovering rotring pens don’t take well to metallic based inks, was painted onto the vinyl base – the record itself being ‘Deaf Stereo’.

kdu_bulletFull development images and process can be viewed here.

― Daniel J Diggle

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Have you ever asked yourself what you know about the sixth part of Earth – Russia? I bet you can shout out the set of keywords no matter what they are. Today I’m going to reveal quite obscure part of the creative Russia, the hidden force of graphics and arts – Russian illustrators. They draw at night, drink out tons of imported coffee, smoke cigarettes and never get drunk because they are smart, creative and very talented persons. I start the first Episode with the the most talented illustrator and will continue to reveal each of them in next posts.
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Designers Against Tibetan Abuse Exhibtion, The Gallery @ Cork Street
My work ‘Avatars Of Woe’ is displayed here. I created this image for the Data book with the theme of poverty.This canvas print was later auctioned along works from the likes of Si Scott, Alex Trochut, and Justin Maller.

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Sep 2009 / № 767

First & foremost, thanks to the KDU team for bringing me aboard. For the first initial W.A.N.Y. post i wanted to share a bit of the studios love for type. I hope you enjoy.


Great article on top 10 most common mistakes in typography

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Im honored and humbled to be featured among the world’s top 45 creatives in the new Computer Arts: Book of Inspiration . I feel like my best stuff is ahead of me and Im just getting starting – and to be among all these established artist Im simply blown away . WOW – such a blessing . do yourself a favor and go get this beautiful book . Rob and team did a suburb job on this project . get inspired!

Sep 2009 / № 754


Currently working on vinyl LP, CD-Digipak and other visuals for Sweden’s retro-rockers ‘Flared.’ The full-length entitled ‘Debuten’ will be hitting soon. More to come.

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Some beauty photography with some beautiful typography from PILOT issue #1

Sep 2009 / № 738

Diego Quintana updates

After a whole lot of geeky-skill-needing issues, I’ve finally re-launched my official personal portfolio with a lot of new works, some drafts and some quality pics of printed works.

Also, I decided to step it up a notch and give the über-awesome Cargo CMS a go. So far it’s been amazing. Loving it from top to bottom, so if you get a chance, be sure to apply for an account.

So, feel free to drop by the all new DiegoQuintana.com and check it out. Plus, I’d be deeply grateful if you let me know your thoughts on the site, the work, the blog or anything you feel like talking about with me at hello@diegoquintana.com


Después de un montón de problemas con el sitio, finalmente acabo de re-lanzar mi portafolio con varios trabajos nuevos, algunos bocetos y fotografías de uno que otro trabajo impreso.

También, decidí subirle el pelo un poco a la cosa así que probé el super-genial Cargo CMS y hasta ahora ha sido genial. Es excelente por donde se le mire, así que si tienen la oportunidad, pasen por su sitio y soliciten una cuenta.

Así que están invitados a pasar por DiegoQuintana.com y revisarla. Además, agradecería profundamente sus ideas, críticas y/o consejos, o si simplemente quieres conversar, estoy en hello@diegoquintana.com


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Sep 2009 / № 722


The above 4 images of Shawn Ross were shot at the KDU in Brooklyn with David Gensler’s art direction and treatments/typography by Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic.

Sep 2009 / № 708

Hello guys,
it’s been some time since I’ve put new stuff online ( ha! ) and I think soon it’s time again.
Been working on a lot of new things, typo’s, Illustration etc for Beautiful Decay, Digital Arts, Ryan Leslie, to name a few of them.
Also everything will be served on a brand new site,including a new domain ( iammago.com )and coded in flash!!!

Here’s a little pre-promo for you! =)

Sep 2009 / № 695

te veo .mi ultima expo en solitario
una serie de telas y objetos intervenidos.
aqui me encuentro pintando de manera primitiva, sin pensar demasiado, investigando la oscuridad y el poder de los colores.

Sep 2009 / № 680

I’ve just released my new site along with some new work, go take a look!


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Sep 2009 / № 661
Sep 2009 / № 655

mirror mirror

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