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Dec 2009 / № 2016

telepathicOne of a series of apparel designs for Xebio Japan.

Dec 2009 / № 2013

Hello Everyone. Over the month of December and well into January, I will be traveling the world to meet with clients, KDU members and friends, as well as gathering research and inspiration for the coming year. The first part of the trip took place in early December. I traveled with my partners Chris Bevans and Aerosyn Lex to Guangzhou China, Hong Kong and
finally Tokyo, Japan. I then headed to Europe with designer Portia Wells to visit a dozen cities, starting with Amsterdam and ending in Iceland. Stay tuned for photos and notes from our travels.

Peace and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

David Gensler
The Keystone Design Union

Logo by Core KDU Member, Josh Vanover, aka Spaceknuckle

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Dec 2009 / № 2008

We are now on twitter. Are you?


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Trend Report: New Retail: Precinct 5
Extra thanks to Mr. Wix for the personal tour of Precinct 5 in Amsterdam.
This new store is a beautiful, taking space in an old Police station. The space is designed with modular furniture and fixtures, allowing for constant change.
They are carrying brands like Norse Projects, Stussy, Nike, Gourmet and many others.  They just launched a special collaboration between them and our friends at Denham.
More to come very soon.



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Dec 2009 / № 1981


5125 typographic illustration.

Typographic piece created for a feature in Pilot magazine. Unfortunately not used in the end, but still a nice piece to have done. Reliefs on the stone work are taken from actual Mayan ruins and a KDU keystone is slipped into the image also. The illustration is based on the Mayan ‘end of cycle’ prediction.

The year 2012 signals the conclusion of one of the most ancient predictions ever made. The Mayan’s, an ancient and advanced civilisation of South America and experts in astronomy, predicted the end of the great cycle of ages in 2012, the Mayan year of 5125.

kdu_bulletFull development images and process can be viewed here.

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― Daniel J Diggle

Dec 2009 / № 1975


NO! typographic organic illustration.

Organic and structural typographic illustration, created with Faber Castil and Rotring technical pens. A mass of tangled branches and coral-like fans entwined with sharp structural forms. A sparrow hides amongst the branches guarding her eggs.  Hidden amongst the elements is the words ‘NO!’ – this can be seen best via the development images – meaning hidden amongst the mass. Giclée prints can be bought via Society6.

kdu_bulletFull development images and process can be viewed here.

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― Daniel J Diggle

Dec 2009 / № 1970


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Dec 2009 / № 1964

Got another chance to layout some tattoo work from Adambomb This time around we went with some 100lbs text weight flyers from Jak Prints , for use in magazine insertions and leave behinds. We also did a larger letter sized, tear away flyer. Had allot of fun laying these out and they printed great, too.

Dec 2009 / № 1959

for: MTV Russia

by: www.space-jump.com

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Dec 2009 / № 1953

Got the final tattoo picture of a design that was commissioned by Jason Kayzar over at MC2, ink by Adambomb.  Included the initial shot of the tat, to document the process.

Dec 2009 / № 1948

SPACE New works soon*

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Dec 2009 / № 1944

Ryan Leslie
Please take a moment to check out the new exclusive mini documentary.
Watch the video HERE

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Dec 2009 / № 1872

The KDU produced the new oversized fashion book, entitled “August” for New York Fashion label, Rochambeau. Creative Directed by David Gensler, the book stands 5.5 feet tall and measures 3.5 feet wide. It is printed in plastic Yupo paper – with each page being hand finished.
This is the third book the KDU has produced for Rochambeau. New York Photographers, Phil Knott and Eric Vogel were the projects photographers.

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Dec 2009 / № 1943

Hello ZSO

Various updates over at HelloZSO.com

Be well,


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Dec 2009 / № 1942


Hey folks — I am really pleased to announce that I just
relaunched DiftNorm™: www.diftnorm.com

After a long time I am back with a lot of new works and updates on older projects.
New works include clients like Dornbracht (on behalf of Sehsucht),
Jagermeister International, The FWA, illustrations I did for the OFFF’09 Book,
Desktopography and more + personal stuff!

I hope you like the update!


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Book Cover Design

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