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Jun 2010 / № 4055

As some of you know, I’m working closely with Edgar Davids  on work for his Brand, Monta.

While I was in Amsterdam to record for another late-night talkshow I will be a guest at, I gave a pair of my RYZ shoes as a gift to him -

If you don’t know WHO he is, he is a dutch soccer LEGEND, read this – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgar_Davids


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Jun 2010 / № 4053
Jun 2010 / № 4049

Astronaut Bone Head

Astonaut Bone Head Exhibition Project

Jun 2010 / № 4046

Our exploration with 3d type continues on our latest SCI+TEC cover.


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May 2010 / № 4043

Hello everyone, here is my first promotional illustration for the KDU, i hope you will enjoy it !

As it’s my first piece for the KDU, don’t hesitate to send me feedbacks, feelings, love or hate about it !


It’s currently based on ” What will be the KDU in a hundred years ? “

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May 2010 / № 4033
May 2010 / № 4031


Hello there,

Just uploaded my newest project, THE SPACE PIONEERS story book!

Take a look: http://beta10.behance.net/gallery/THE-SPACE-PIONEERS/525633

With FREE Wallpapers.


Andre Meca

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May 2010 / № 4028


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thekduAs we prepare to debut some new press, new ideas, new movements – I will first take the time to recap the first five years.

Special thanks to all the editors and writers that have supported us along the way, giving us a voice.

Read the article here

David Gensler


Via butchersblocktv.com:

“Love Machine is a new clothing movement which draws inspiration from one of the most beloved (and bad ass) American pastimes, motorcycles. Seems easy and obvious but don’t get it twisted. The graphic influences are layered with double meanings with vintage and European elements.

Love Machine is a project from the mind of the founder of House of Pain, Danny Boy O’Connor. Danny’s passion for art direction and graphic design has lead to the creation of many iconic images for H.O.P, La Coka Nostra and Dissizit– among others.

The first offering from Love Machine comes in the form of “The Hell Fire Canyon Club” which is a bike club that Danny founded with Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols.

Look out for collaborations with Japan’s Bounty Hunter and artist Dave Flores.

Danny’s life has always influenced his art and the Love Machine is a new chapter in D Boy’s memoirs.

Love is love.”

Available here.

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May 2010 / № 4011


When you voice a strong opinion…
You are always going to have a split reaction.
Some people will love what you are saying and some will hate.

6+ years after starting the KDU, the opinions are still coming strong – but the hate from
anonymous people still gets overshadowed by the love from members and clients. This is what matters to me -
I laugh in the faces of the haters.

What would I be without the opposition? I dare not think.

Read the feature here

David Gensler

May 2010 / № 4001


A magazine illustration of the wonderful musician Jarle Bernhoft. Link: www.ohyeahstudio.no

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Screen shot 2010-05-28 at 4.10.31 PM

Read the article here

David Gensler

May 2010 / № 3995

Hello world / Bonjour le monde !

I’m truely honored to post on this dreamy website, sharing with the best artists community some of my works as an introduction. I’m a 27 years old selftaught art director & graphic designer from France, and for a starter, i would love to collaborate with other members on promotional pieces for the KDU. So, if you feel it as an opportunity to make something great, i’d say let’s go !

Here is a sample of my works, you will be able to watch much more on my online portfolio : I AM LOWPOP

Enjoy !

The Mark Palmer’s Project LP / Art direction & graphic design




The Mark Palmer’s Project EP / Art direction & graphic design


The whole project on Behance

Gravity, Ô heartless bitch  / Illustration


Majestic 14 / Digital Illustration


War.Gold.TV / Poster



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Looking back, I think The Brilliance was the first in-depth interview regarding the newly formed KDU.

Chuck and Ben (and Virgil) have been doing their thing for a long time – and doing it well.



Also, one of the first posts regarding SVSV and the first campaign that Chuck collaborated on.

David Gensler















Book Cover Design

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