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February 2009 / № 3813


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February 2009 / № 3791

While in Hawaii – I was treated to a day of fishing with a good friend and world famous artist Kehinde Wiley.
We went out about 17 miles on a what looked like a big boat in the harbor… then the big waves came… and BOOM!!!
I have never been so sick in my life!!! Kehinde was smart enough to take some sea sickness pills… I was bragging about how I grew up on a boat in the Chesapeake bay…
and man did that come back to haunt me.  Note to self… a bay and the middle of the Pacific Ocean are NOT THE SAME THING!!! Regardless of the sea sickness the excellent crew lead my captain Scotty found each of us one Mahi Mahi to catch. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahi-mahi

Later that night, Kehinde found a restaurant that perfectly prepared our catch from the day…

Even a bad day fishing is better than a great day at work…!!!

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February 2009 / № 3784

I was recently in Hawaii on business with Hennessy.  I had a great experience and can’t really talk about it quite yet…   
One amazing part was our first morning – myself and Phil Knott walked to a Starbucks for a morning coffee.  There was a rainbow over the beach in Waikiki and about two dozen small birds that ate directly from your hand.  Could you imagine if all the pigeons in Brooklyn ate from your hands?   



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February 2009 / № 3741


La primavera nos trae un nuevo numero de Staf, el cuarenta y tres. Y estaréis pensando… ¿Éstos que nos cuentan si nosotros lo que queremos es saber lo que nos trae el nuevo numero de Staf, no lo que nos trae la primavera? Pues si, tenéis razón… Así que no vamos a andarnos por las ramas… Staf Magazine 43, o lo que es lo mismo, 84 paginas con textos y entrevistas a Ted Terrebonne, todo un pionero de la fotografía del patín, Money Mark, músico de Beastie Boys, Tommy Guerrero, Omar Rodríguez, entre otros… El diseñador de Habitat Skateboards. Estamos enamorados de sus tablas y sus logos. ¡Tú también lo estarás! Blaxploitation, siempre viene bien algo de historia sobre el género cinematográfico protagonizado por actores afroamericanos y con el poster-art más perita jamás visto. Y todavía hay mas carrete… Herbert Baglione, Ian Johnson, Colosvs, Band Of Bikers, In Stock by AKACorleone, discos, The.Boutiques, conciertos, libros, agenda… Y un (sorpresón) The Skymera Is… con herramienta de regalo incluida, la cual encontrarás entre las paginas de la revista. Ah, y la portada marca de Chad Eaton, al que ha sido un placer entrevistar también (Gracias Chad). Y dicho lo dicho que ustedes lo disfruten y que no les pique un bicho, que esta primavera viene cargada de ellos. ¡Nos vemos en Julio 2010!


February 2009 / № 3731

I can remember the very first time I saw Laundry’s work. It was linked on Newstoday back in 2001 or 2 and I was blown away. I am proud to call PJ a friend and a loyal member and constant collaborator of the KDU. His new reel is nothing less than amazing.
One of these days I am going to convince him to animate a KDU logo or some pictures of my cats and dogs flying over the moon shooting laser out their eyes or something…
Until then, enjoy:


February 2009 / № 3579

Designed by Josh Vanover, aka, the Carolina Monster – The new YAW flag flies. For everyone that does not know… stay tuned.
YAW! launches in May.


David Gensler

February 2009 / № 3572

Chris Bevans, Hiroshi Fujiwara and David Gensler 


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February 2009 / № 3526

Cover shoot outtakes

Outtakes for a cover shoot for The Reykjavik Fashion Festival…

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February 2009 / № 3585

Coming soon.  After a long break from doing magazines, the KDU is jumping back into the game with the debut of YAW / YOU ARE WE.  
A magazine dedicated to uncovering what makes the creative mind tick. Conversation From the Cutting Edge. 


February 2009 / № 3505

Computer art (uk) – April Issue
photography : Laurence Jeanson


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February 2009 / № 3478

BW horse

Starting up my account with a 2006 image.

Limited edition fine art print.

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February 2009 / № 3466




I was asked to create a short commercial for PRESTIGE (a wellknown shoe company from Czech Republic).
This is it! Video by Vit Hasek

YouTube Preview Image


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February 2009 / № 3453

Campaign and Look Book development for New York based Christopher Bevans’ fashion brand.




Designer: Christopher Bevans
Photographer: Justin Lopez
Creative Direction: David Gensler


February 2009 / № 3446

Founded in 2003, SVSV (Serum Versus Venom) has been the personal design and brand laboratory for KDU founder, David Gensler and KDU partner Aersoyn Lex. With a strict adherence to Bespoke craftsmanship, the brand has successfully grown catering to individual consumers and avoiding traditional retail. Volkcraft, the latest collection of designs, focuses on finely finished menswear designed for travel and exploration.

-David Gensler

Fabrics utilized: bone buttons, oiled cotton, vicuna, super 250 cashmere, Schoeller 3xDry, Lora Piana Storm System, 1000 Thread count shirting, and pure silk.

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February 2009 / № 3423

Model Shaun Ross wearing SVSV cashmere.


David Gensler

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Book Cover Design

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