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February 2009 / № 7476

As an ongoing relationship with Palmolive cosmetics brand these illustrated digital ad set was created.

Palmove Orchis Shower gel illustration

Palmove Orchis Shower gel illustration

Palmolive Orange Milks shower gel campaign adverts

Palmolive Orange Milks shower gel campaign adverts

February 2009 / № 7472


Hello gang !
Just a quick post to let you know that I’ve just updated my website, including both professional and personal work.
Hope you’ll enjoy !
Check it out : www.trustinelements.com

February 2009 / № 7463

black month1

Hello Collective! Check out new stuff on my blog and stay tuned for more stuff.

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February 2009 / № 7457

We are Mongolian content – “g” letter in Mongolian

G - Tamir2

February 2009 / № 7439
My secret agents (New work by Pariseau)

My secret agents (New work by Pariseau)

February 2009 / № 7438

Japanese Flag

I can’t speak for others, but I do know I owe more to the Japanese culture than the average person. I can’t even begin to imagine how different my life would be if I didn’t learn how to play Famicom at the same time I was learning arithmetics…

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February 2009 / № 7432

It’s all about the people you want to explore.

i am curious about you

Thanks for viewing,

Dimo Trifonov

February 2009 / № 7429
February 2009 / № 7426


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February 2009 / № 7415

Burton Easter Jam III
Client: Burton
More to see on Behance

Year: 2011



February 2009 / № 7410

I’ve recently completed this illustration as a tutorial for an upcoming issue of Advanced Photoshop magazine.



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February 2009 / № 7399

Dog Days Are Over

Dog Days Are Over

Some illustration stuff made this year, exhibited at Hybrid Café, Budapest.

Check out on Behance.

February 2009 / № 7397
February 2009 / № 7393

We are the one. pray for japan

01 copy

Original version

02 copy
Black and white version

03 copy
Another version

04 copy
Lighter version

February 2009 / № 7391

We are X3

We are X3., an award winning design studio based in Romania. We are a team of 10 professionals, specialized in experience design and interactive experience design (UI/UX), keeping an eye nevertheless on illustration and branding.

During our 10 years of life as a company, we always considered our clients to be our friends, and thus wanted to create projects that could make both us and them proud. You can check some of our most representative projects on our portfolio. Some of them are also described below:

X3 Archviz

X3 Archviz, a 3D Architectural Visualization site that showcases virtual tours and photo-real, still, panoramic renderings. Here, here and here are some examples.

X3 D'arc MiniChallenge

D`arc Mini Challenge, is an interactive online experience, that we created for D’arc Club, as part of their branding campaign. The D’arc Mini Challenge is a game that tests your online driving skills, in a Mini Cooper, on a bar. The challenge is to deliver drink ingredients to bartenders, to help them prepare cocktails.

Here is the behind the scenes story, the making of.

X3 Plai Festival

Plai Festival is a complete experience about Music, Multiculturalism and Art celebrating diversity. For this festival we created a branding and promotional campaign.

You can read the making of here.

X3 Portoroz

Port of Spirits, a poster we created for Off Drum Competition 2010: Portorož Piran Genius Loci, got us a II place during the festival.

X3 VisualFreaks

Visual Freaks, a high-end project providing art-packs of unique graphic elements for designers.

X3 Aualeu

Aualeu.ro, our most recent project, an illustrated story of Aualeu Theatre – that strives to perform purely theatrical and in a direct manner, without any useless make-overs.

And some of our logos.

X3 Logos







All stars










Adult Swim

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