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February 2009 / № 599


film made by bricolagista!

writer director producer camera: monihan monihan

editor assistant camera: sara kinney

writer producer stylist: dante ross

music: phofo

lighting crowd control: james h garrett III

star: humberto leon (opening ceremony)

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February 2009 / № 578

…more will be posted soon…

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February 2009 / № 544


It’s always tough when a fantastic brand asks you to cast beautiful women to feature in videos. Armani approached Sub Rosa to help them develop a series of how-to videos that featured their celebrity face designer Tim Quinn. In addition to shooting and editing these videos, we developed the creative for the website that would integrate this content and help consumers understand the breadth of products and techniques used to attain that Giorgio Armani look. The videos have received strong traffic and ultimately aided the brand in showcasing the full product line to consumers. Can’t wait until we can do it again!

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February 2009 / № 506

We’re crazy about vintage. Decades ago it was in order to access an opportunity to experiment with sartorial nuance. As a one-time Bostonian, for me it was Dollar-a-Pound and The Garment District, both vintage destinations in Cambridge. That was the second half of the eighties. Vintage allowed for styling that was unpolluted by overtly marketed elements of trend and which was free of any associations that didn’t derive solely from someplace between the unique physical garment and our own utterly individual perceptions.

If I was learning about garment construction from this activity, I was doing it by osmosis.


But enough time has passed that my orientation to vintage has evolved considerably. I’m that slow a learner that it takes a quarter-century or so. Somewhere along the line I accidently played my cards right enough that it’s now my giggle-every-morning-on-the-way-to-work privilege to be able to incorporate my relationship with vintage garments into my daily routine. The search, acquisition, documentation, examination and translation of archival detailing within contemporary designs represents a critical part of the design process undertaken everyday by myself and the team I work with at DENHAM. This ethic is traceable via the Militant Guild of Rural Tailors reasearch blog as well as our Denham Garment Library.

The stylistic potential which used to dominate my attitudes toward vintage has now been at least matched (if not overtaken) by a blunt awareness that these garments manifest our best opportunity to learn about quality and that understanding them better might allow us a small chance at contributing to the great historical trajectory of menswear design itself. I used to think it was healthy hubris to willfully push aside the work of predecessors in order to assert something youthful and “new” of our own devising. Despite seeming more modest at first blush, I now think it represents an even greater ambition to attempt embracing the work of those same predecessors and endeavoring to put a shoulder against the fuller weight of this shared tradition in order to push it forward… if only by inches.

At any rate, these musings resonate along some unexpected avenues inline with current trends. Our awakening to the wastefulness of built-in-obsolescence as contrived in the form of the idea of “the New” in fashion. A new hunger for both tangible and narrative substance among all generations. Call it a new value construct, steampunk (God forbid), the Americana grandpa style, Labels of Common Kin (as rallied by Bread & Butter), Otaku authenticity,… Whatever it is the creators of View Magazine (View on Textile, View on Color, Bloom, and View 2) have allowed a little grandstanding on the subject via their new View Network website. It’s subscriber service but it is out there and certainly the View franchise has always represented unrivaled quality. Maybe worth a look.

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February 2009 / № 446


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February 2009 / № 438
the mingadigm e-store

the mingadigm e-store

Alright kiddies, here she is… my new online store Mingadigm. fully functional and awaiting to be ravaged by viewers much like yourself. have a look and help put the mingadigm store on the map. thanks for the continue support.

This colourful set of photographs reveals the beauty of two models, the American Guinevere van Seenus and the Russian Elena Sudakova. The shoot was made for Vogue UK.

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February 2009 / № 239

     I got a call from paul mittleman from stussy in 06, he asked me to produce a series of ads based on my collage art work that i was doing at the time(i couldn’t use a computer)-I was asked to produce a sereis of ads for their upcoming campaign. I was asked to produce ten pieces  of artwork  in a time span of 2 months (this was all  starting from blank). 

The whole set of images was based on my bike ride thro east new york and over the williamsburg bridge into town. Using white space i dropped my images onto the paper-overlapping textures ,etc ,finally after 2 solid months i had 10 pieces made -the images made are now resting in folders under my bed waiting to be hung in a gallery.It would be quite refreshing to see by hand work in a gallery in these days of computer heavy images. Producing this type of work is so basic and raw ,but at the same time the images produced are timeless-To make collages ,you will need a travel pass,kinkos card,books from  the strand book shop or where ever else you can find them and imagination. The medium used is collage .







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February 2009 / № 224


I was photographing in this year Time Tunnel party here in Oulu. It was a great party like always.

Check out the photos from my flickr account.

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February 2009 / № 207



 nike latin america 09

nike latin america 09



Using Artwork and Photo Illustration we created Striking Poster Images for the NIKE Latin America 09 Campaign.



David Gensler and myself started this project last year in summer of 2008.  The idea came from an Urb Magazine feature we were doing.  Half way through the project we realized that this concept was bigger than a spot  in a magazine… We decided to embark on this crazy idea of trying to photograph all the creative types that make up New York City.

I must have cycled, camera in- tow, like a demon, across all bridges and boroughs.  It was hot as hell. But definitely worth it!  By doing this project, I was able to meet many talented folk that live in New York and I saw some cool and fantastic art.

We are still going strong and will continue to do so until we reach 1000 portraits (dont ask why the number ~ it just sounds magical.)  I  see this project lasting 5 years, or even longer — really getting as many people as possible… showing the whole spectrum.

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February 2009 / № 382
Art Is Love

Skateboard and apparel artwork for Artsprojekt. I worked on this during some down time awhile back. As the first post here, I felt the subject was appropriate to share. Big things to come. Cheers.

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February 2009 / № 163

Diesel x KDU 2009 (NYC/MIAMI)

Photo by Ciaran O’Shea

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February 2009 / № 120

pilot 2  poster

Hello Everyone /

This is Andy Pickering for PILOT Magazine representing Auckland, New Zealand.

Massive Dynamics and Greetings to all fellow members of The Keystone Design Union. 

A warm handshake is extended to David and Lex for all their hard work in setting up this new online community. I look forward to the many exciting new developments to come.

We come in PEACE

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