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Come out to Shag (108 Reobling St on the corner of N6th in Williamsburg) on the evening of Friday the 20th and see our first solo show.

There will be 14 new works hung in the main space and 3 classic pieces in the back room, all are single edition prints.

Shag is a great boutique, there will be free drinks, and one hell of a sexy crowd all make for a promising evening.

Special thanks to the ever lovely Sam and Ashley for their continued support of our work.

Hope to see you there.


Constance & Eric


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February 2009 / № 9632


Wrenning Day is the first single off of our upcoming album, Ice Level. Please listen here.

You can also pre-order the 7″ from Inflated Records.

February 2009 / № 9627

‎”Yesterday was a good day” Dom Kennedy!

Check out the full #AnIdeaEveryday gallery

February 2009 / № 9625

For this year I’m launching my new portfolio with my brand new logo. I have been displayed world wide like ARTZ JUZT DU for long years but now I changed my brand for something that talk about me like a designer. Please check it out my new website www.edsonbatista.net

portfolio 2k12

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February 2009 / № 9622

First and foremost, welcome to 2012 everybody! To bring in the new year with a clean slate, we have just launched the new site for the studio filled to the brim with all kinds of new work. Please enjoy the fruits of our labor.


For the blog, we decided to try something a little different. More of an experiment in the web for us, we separated the two. Check back in the upcoming months for original content that you will only find on YouAreNotUs


With thanks from WANY / YANU

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Coffee Machine 01 is a step far away from today’s superautomatic machines. Market, satisfied by the technical advances and user comfort is now ready, or even want’s to be pampered not even by the technical possibilities, but even by appealing aesthetics. People no longer want to buy boxes of compact technology, they want an object that will amaze a splendid object to stand in their soundly managed interiors.

This is a proposition of such an object. The choice of superautomatic coffee machine was simple – the processes involved in making the coffee are inspirational in terms of aesthetics and of course, the theme of coffee itself is a lifestyle matter. Coffee is a also a matter of choice, often a mirror of your own ambitions. Coffee is an element that was part of many great events, a favourite drink, a beverage that brings people together. These are the reasons why the coffee machine, in today’s possibilities has all qualities to be and outstanding object in any sufficient space.

Coffee Machine 01 consists of two coffee units, symetrical – on the left and right. The only difference is that the left unit is for Arabica and right for Robusta, or other choice (or blends). The object has plenty of room for all the required technology, as it is 700 mm long, 630 mm wide and 400 mm tall. The object is accompanied by a 950 mm tall pedestal, that serves not only as an aesthetic associate of the coffee machine, but also introduces all that is needed or imagined to assist in the process of making a perfect cup of coffee.

February 2009 / № 9613

The aim of the project was to create a bottle for cognac and to present a concept of packaging that not only protects the product, but is an aesthetic element that endures and is not disposed of after usage. It is an element that communicates with the product to create the appeal of projected aesthetics, in this instance, gothic architecture.

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Book Cover Design

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