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February 2009 / № 5505

Ruby Beach is the northernmost of the southern beaches in the coastal section of Olympic National Park. It has a tremendous amount of driftwood and some amazing sea stacks. It’s like a photographers dream, a rocky, log-strewn shore to enjoy gazing at dramatic rock formations and bald eagles that soar overhead or rest in the treetops on the cliffs. Defenitly one of the most scenically distinctive beaches in this 10-mile stretch of Kalaloc.

Camera: Canon 5d Mark2 Lens: Canon 18-35mm 2.8










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February 2009 / № 5496


Ya puedes acercarte por tu punto habitual a por un nuevo número de la Staf, el de Octubre. En las páginas del issue cuarenta y cinco disfrutarás de artículos y entrevistas sobre: el colectivo de artistas de L.A. The 7Th Letter, Ssur, Ryan Mcginness, la Idiosyncrasia de Patrick Trefz, Zso, Tomasito, Scott Burnham, Festival Season (un fotoartículo de Nick Helderman), David Gensler, Skate In Kabul, Poweshovel, Dias de Viento y Fuego, Street Art Cookbook, Hi-Dutch, Seleka, Marc Rudolph, Alexandre Farto, Esteso… entre otros. Para este nuevo número, con el que damos la bienvenida al Otoño, hemos tenido la suerte de contar con la genial ilustradora Sara Blake * Zso que nos ha diseñado esta portada tan guapa. Además, podrás encontrar crónicas de eventos como Canela Party 2010, Bright Summer 2010, Jazzaldia 2010, Joey Cape & Tony Sly, Terral 2010, The Rise Of Rad… La seccion de boutiques y las reseñas de discos por parte de nuestros colaboradores: The Books, Red Sparowes, SSD, The National, Toundra, Mia, Nothink, Airbag, Hightone, The White Stripes, Philippe Petit, Bozzwell, Binary Audio Misfits, All Leather, Meido, Imaad Wasif… Y un montón más… ¡Que ustedes lo disfruten con salud!


February 2009 / № 5490

YAW is the new experimental typeface. It is a bitmap, full color typeface. This time around, is a mixture of hand drawn anatomy parts and custom made brushes, with a strong graphical language. Stay tuned for the font release later this year!
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February 2009 / № 5487

for poster

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February 2009 / № 5482

Monthly Splash Screen for my personal portfolio

October 2010

ps: It’s my new identity, please tell me what it looks like, your opinion! (via email or twitter)


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February 2009 / № 5479

Recently completed full print campaign for the Australian national Soccer Team (”The Socceroos”). Whilst they didn’t fare so well in international play, the campaign was good fun to work on!

Socceroos I
Socceroos II
Socceroos III

View this and more recently completed projects on my folio; justinmaller.com

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