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February 2009 / № 2170

I think not once I had this question and every time I discuss this topic with any of my friends we are getting over excited and started to fight. One day a good friend of mine link me to this article of Craig A Elimeliah (producer at Firstborn Multimedia) from AIGA. I read it and seems to be fair but still doesn’t convince me, and I feel that Craig himself is not 100% convinced about it too. Is this a hard topic? Yes it is. Why? Because I think it depends of every person; it depend of how you feel it…I feel like a designer, is that wrong? People tell me that I am an artist, even if I try with all my heart to stay away from artistic field. What makes you designer, the fact that you are hired by ? The fact that you are dressing like a designer, think like a designer act like one…what makes you a designer? Same questions for artist; what makes you and artist? I want to be an artist, where do I start? What makes me an artist, or even better – WHO?

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February 2009 / № 2159

Limited edition shirts for austrian fashion label Advanced Minority.
(Available in selected stores around europe)


Snakes – Black
Snakes – White



February 2009 / № 2154

Custom designed table with hand engraved aluminum frame for Desktop Design
Available at http://www.desktop-design.at

Displayed at Blickfang 2009, an international designfair for interior, fashion and jewellery
at MAK, Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art http://blickfang.com

Dimensions: 200×95x73 cm






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February 2009 / № 2149

Yes I am.



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Here are some pics from the 2 days David and Portia came over to cologne while being on the KDU world tour.
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February 2009 / № 2138

Serum Versus Venom (SVSV)
Anyone that has visited the KDU Studio and SVSV showroom has witnessed our robust collection of antique tailoring shears. We have been avid collectors for over 4 years and have accumulated over 300 examples from countries all around the world. Some pairs date back as early as Cromwellian England (1640) – while most pairs represent the industrial revolution in England and the Civil War in the States.   These shears represent many things to us – as objects they are beautifully designed industrial works of art - as symbols of craft and tailoring they remind us of time when the maker and the consumer had a personal relationship – a state of mind and reality we actively seek with SVSV.  

In the coming months we will begin to unveil the entire collection of shears, complete with notes on each pair and a general history of the craft of tailoring.  

David Gensler 


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February 2009 / № 2134

Serum Versus Venom (SVSV) teamed with New York Photographer Timo Rosado to capture some of the more indulgent natural fibers in our 2009 designs.  





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February 2009 / № 2128

In early 2009, The Keystone Design Union produced a hand made book that was designed to rapidly decay into dust. 
Each page was treated with precious metals such as gold, after being soaked in Copper Salts, which accelerate oxidation. The book was bound in Pony and Leather and hand stitched with 120 year old silk thread. Photographers Tim Rosado and Phil Knott teamed up to produce the images. The final book images were produced by photographer, Eric Vogel.  


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February 2009 / № 2124

Long time KDU member and friend, Bob Partington dismantled his giant Brave Sculpture and abandoned it on the streets of Brooklyn.  It lasted three whole days untouched and on the fourth day it suddenly vanished. Public Art – Brooklyn Style. 


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February 2009 / № 2121

*”Who’s gonna eat my soup?” is the work name of my new personal project. It is nothing special – just a typographical research. Research, copying, and reading books is a good way to learn calligraphy. Voilà. ^_^

Format: Poster;
Client: Self-Promotion;
Technique: Hand-drawn, Gel Ink Pen, colored in Photoshop;

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February 2009 / № 2096


A large poster for mini showcase in The Parade Yogyakarta Clothing Fest.

February 2009 / № 2093

I started this collaborative series late last year with LA Streetwear brand Crooks & Castles. These four lookbook illustrations were created to accentuate their new collection, which was conceptualised around hunting themes.





February 2009 / № 2092

2009 Revisit  
The Keystone Design Union teamed up with NYC based menswear label, Rochambeau to produce their latest look book. 
This has become a biannual tradition for us and this time was truly a LARGE experience.  The end product was a 3 foot by 5 foot hand finished and bound book, photographed by Phil Knott. Special thanks to the entire Rochambeau team for helping with every step of the large scale production. 




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February 2009 / № 2076

While most people judge a brand by its media exposure or even worse retail accounts – we decided a long time ago to judge our brand by the quality of the products produced, the materials
and craft we used to produce them and one on one interaction with our private clientele. After 6 years of constant development, SVSV will be carefully exploring select retail partnerships this year.
We have prided ourselves on being a private brand, serving a private market – so this progression is something we enter into cautiously. We are grateful for all those that have supported SVSV over the years, creatively, in the press and finally our customers. Keep your eyes open for many new products, campaigns, projects, special collaborations and more.



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