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Brno, Czech Republic

Hello there! My name is Berjo Ange-Ernest Moudilou-Mouanga, shortly Berjo. I´m a young graphic designer / illustrator born in Czech Republic with African origins from Congo and Namibia. I work on different projects by using various creative solutions. My work is mainly inspired by music, culture, art and the world around me. I graduated with a BcA. in july 2011 from Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic.
February 2009 / № 243


If you happen to be in New York in august 2011 don´t forget to visit The Jean-Michel Basquiat tribute exhibition in The Museum of African American Cinema in Harlem. I was invited to participate by Gregory Javan Mills, who is the museum´s CEO. I have created the exhibition poster with the main illustration. The catalogue and post cards will be covered with my artwork as well. The exhibition will showcase works from 30 various visual artists.

Art exhibition opens to public Friday 12th August 2011 – 2:00pm.
The Art Gallery – 2nd floor – Free Admission
Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Building
163 West 125th Street @ 7th Avenue.

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