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Lille, France

With a life driven by loud & rough music and cinema, I spent the last two years learning design on my own, enhancing my skills with sleepless nights and coffee. Inspired by the hidden dark side of each human being on earth, strange things, disturbing visuals, torn heart artists, poets, my style is slowly but surely constructing itself as time roll his unavoidable wheel. I've been working as an art director for several indie rock bands & labels, and various fields of the creative industry, always with a particular feeling and deeply involving myself in creating an alternative way to think and work. I'm also the founder of many side projects that, i hope, you'll hear from soon ! My name is Baptiste, i'm a graphic designer, photographer & art director, and remember : "What has to be said deserves to be seen."


February 2011 / № 019




If some of you wonder where i was during these last months, i’ve been working hard on this project.

New direction – New ideas – Second breathe

The website will be published during february 2011, showcasing brand new projects from motion graphics to illustration, art & typography… The beginning of a new era for me, unleashed from some creative habits to the profit of experimentation, art, new horizons…



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September 2010 / № 016

Hi Kdu fellas and lucky readers of this wonderful platform !!

I recently had the opportunity to create an opener page for Computer Arts UK issue 178. I decided to publish it here once the next issue is out to privilege Computer Arts with the exclusivity of the picture, but now HERE IT IS. Enjoy it as much as i did sweat to achieve it !


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May 2010 / № 012

Hello everyone, here is my first promotional illustration for the KDU, i hope you will enjoy it !

As it’s my first piece for the KDU, don’t hesitate to send me feedbacks, feelings, love or hate about it !


It’s currently based on ” What will be the KDU in a hundred years ? “

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May 2010 / № 001

Hello world / Bonjour le monde !

I’m truely honored to post on this dreamy website, sharing with the best artists community some of my works as an introduction. I’m a 27 years old selftaught art director & graphic designer from France, and for a starter, i would love to collaborate with other members on promotional pieces for the KDU. So, if you feel it as an opportunity to make something great, i’d say let’s go !

Here is a sample of my works, you will be able to watch much more on my online portfolio : I AM LOWPOP

Enjoy !

The Mark Palmer’s Project LP / Art direction & graphic design




The Mark Palmer’s Project EP / Art direction & graphic design


The whole project on Behance

Gravity, Ô heartless bitch  / Illustration


Majestic 14 / Digital Illustration


War.Gold.TV / Poster



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