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Brussels, Belgium

Yves Capelle / alternatyves outc. Pitch Facilitator since 1999. Art Direction / Creative Storytelling / Illustration / Design / Concept Art. With a high profile clientele that spans the corporate, cultural, and institutional sectors, active on a broad range of assignments: story development, production design, scenographic, architectural and film visualising, identity, character design and illustration.
February 2009 / № 037

Ello Find

Ello Find is a search engine dedicated to raising money for charity. All profits made on search advertising and sponsored links go straight to eight social and ecological projects supported by “Ello”.

Why not searching the web through Ello Find and tell your friends about it, thus contributing more donations?

Also, if you are in Belgium, it can’t hurt to do a little good while you talk, surf or chat with your mobile. Ello Mobile is the first mobile operator established with the sole aim of giving away 100% of its profits. Visit Ello Mobile website to see how.



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