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Pezinok, Slovakia

I have spent a lifetime in the studio of my father, sculptor Emil Venkov, training in both realistic and abstract sculpture. Intensive work has brought me invaluable skills and knowledge to pursue even the most complex concepts. As I topped my aesthetics in sculpture, I began to experiment in design, and I have quickly aligned the quality of design with the class of my sculptures. I specialize in complex aesthetics and luxury design for the most demanding clients. I am available for commissioned work in design (product, furniture design of any kind) and also in realistic / abstract sculpture.
February 2009 / № 129

The Devourer represents a second example of complex aesthetics concept applied onto an automobile chassis. It is a continuation of a visual manifest presented in the “Alessian 2012″ concept.

The name is simply an allusion to the distinctive cooling vents in the chassis which “devour” air.



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