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May 2011 / № 150


+ F R O N T I E R

After many months of procrastinating, it is an achievement to finally get the initial identity laid down for a very personal project. ( at least 8 months late! )

‘Charity’ is a word that most of us overlook on a daily basis, without even giving it a second thought. Maybe many of you have a charitable nature and give willingly at regular intervals to help aid and support various causes. A little goes a long way. + Frontier is not typically an ‘art’ led charity, but funds will be raised toward art equipment and learning resource. Over the past 5 years I have given art canvas works to small charity auctions to help raise money for Cancer Research, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Children with rare or incurable diseases due to immune deficiency. Giving costs nothing.

We all know and suffer loss at some point in our lives. There are a few charities that are close to the heart that are really doing all that they can, with near 100 % of all money raised going towards aid. So in short, the reality is that anybody can do anything within their own capability to help create change on some level, no matter how big or small. This will involve actually getting off my butt, getting out there and ‘doing’, instead of simply observing.


May 2011 / № 145


‘ Invasionism ‘ : City Museum & Art Gallery, Plymouth.

The Militant approach was put on the shelf for this visit. The opportunity to talk with visitors about the valuable historic importance of collectable works of art was a blast. Arriving at the museum early with a militant attitude, it soon wore off when I was blown away by the amount of fine art and historic items on display within the nine internal galleries. From fabric designs, to carvings and early forms of currency, japanese tsuba, archeological and anthropological interests and a huge maritime display area. There was a cabinet for showing silverware and church plates, enamel tile painting, contemporary glass designs and the Porcelain industry history of William Cookworthy.

After venturing through the natural history collection of organic detail, fossils, documents, sketches and skeletal structures, I then moved up a floor and absorbed the Cottonian collection. A vast collection of engravings and old master drawings, around seven thousand fine art prints on rotated display, large print volumes including the medieval Book of Hours.

Three things were prominent in every manner of work within the museum walls : life is art, expression is organic, and vision is boundless.

The final part of a two hour visit included initiating conversation with security and visitors out of respect, about the importance of art history and how it fits into and influences the modern era and thought, discussing media and how it plays a part in giving prominence to the past, where art sits in the future and the determination of the artist and craft… And of course the eventual slap boxing of KDU ‘Invasionism’ at key areas of interest within the Museum.


April 2011 / № 138


Phase 1 :

In reference to my recent website blog & a mention that this image will be documented, so here we are at the start of the process.

A4 standard cartridge paper using a Derwent 4b medium for thick dark areas. The aim is to keep a high saturation in shaded areas, minimum detail required at this stage.

I have 2 final idea layouts ready and will possibly do both as a personal test for the variety. Next phase is ready to mash up with abstract elements, using illustration and textures, so, digital for one, traditional for the other.

Ready to weigh and measure the next Phase. To be continued.


March 2011 / № 125


Camera, Ink & Type blended to make this small offering :

Not entirely new work, more of a small cache of explorations making their way to the top of the pile.

The images used were of urban areas that had been disregarded and damaged by vandalism and continued weathering and had been stripped of colour. The images were of a large electric mains supply, a flyover, and a telephone box.

The focus was on how people choose to continue to damage surroundings yet consider these places to be an ultimate refuge or sanctuary. A cause and effect, vicious cycle scenario from an abstract or even instinctual perspective.

This entry has been amended after some constructive criticism offered about the write up, so thanks a million!


March 2011 / № 107




A vision to ‘Destroy the Machines’ was to mix organic and mechanical forms to create a fused compound in constant evolution and motion. Structure vs Growth. A hand inked background was scanned and added to offer a movement to the illustration framework as we near our minds toward the atomic frame and realise the infinite.

The contrast and conflict is that it lacks a certain aggression in making a statement and thorough intention.

Although a machine was used to execute the design, it is more a visual that represents energetic organic ascension as opposed to digital devolution.


November 2010 / № 088


It is no secret that i’m a big fan of RYZ. Their contests are a great opportunity for all participants to not only gain a little exposure, but also gather constructive criticism and fine tune the detail within designs. The template and render application is truly a great way to visualize conceptual ideas and see them in full display from various angles. Above is my 5 color entry into the recent ‘Back to the 50’s contest’ which will offer $1000 to the winning visual of a coordinated Tshirt and Hi-top Shoe design, which may also be merchandised in a retail store. Voting continues until Dec 10th.

Anyhow, here is what I came up with. Just click on either pic to expand the full image.


November 2010 / № 082


Recently picking up a little pace with photographic work to organize an extension to the existing portfolio. I have a keen interest in black and white photography, albeit digital. The play of light and shadow always intrigues me, and aside from architecture, there is nothing finer than sculptured, carved or crafted statues worn by the elements as a test against time.

Atmospheric with an aged aesthetic preferred, with respect for all traditional methods.


October 2010 / № 080


This piece is a few years old. At the time it was going to be a pitch to Sony for the V series of screens that was in production, as I was really impressed with the huge leap forward in pixel perfect images, and the tech displays at trade shows. It made digital art interesting again, with wide screen taking the helm.The idea was to show various raw energy visuals connecting elements to and from the screen. It seems a basic design now, but a good recap and creative insight to include here.

The main Dragon image was a scanned illustration with all elements added layer by layer.

The strap line created for the graphic was ‘SONY : Our vision is your future – Your vision is our future’


October 2010 / № 072



This is the first installment from a private study group that was started a month or so ago. The artists involved are handpicked specifically for their creative ability within their chosen field, ranging from illustration and digital art to photography. Brief #1 concentrated on evolution of species within the environment. The choice of image here represents, irregular sturdy geometry, a spider nest, a shadow and the arachnid itself, four basic perceptions. Early days for the group, seeking to expand a web and print presence with a view to exhibit at a later date.

View the full screen grabs and image set here.


October 2010 / № 056


Recently heading back to illustration to expand my horizons, the Sepia lick on this image was the final touch. A softer, although jagged approach to a huge statuesque presence and a type treatment to balance the composition with some various effects. Most pictures that I complete are image ready for 12″ x 12″ prints for ease of collating.

Inspired by the imagery and translation of Renaissance.


September 2010 / № 050


Abstract. Granted, to most it is just splashes of paint. The best way to understand it is to organically lay the paint to canvas in rhythm. This is reminiscent of Pollock and his ability to ‘action paint’. He has been a great influence on some of the fine art pieces from the studio, and also in engaging his form of expressionism within textures for print and experimental. Fluid yet harsh, organic yet chaotic. One of my personal favorites. ( close up pics of a small 90cm x 90cm canvas )


September 2010 / № 041


An invitation was sent en mass to submit a studio entry based on the TRON theme in collaboration with ADIDAS. Even though my designs were not picked, it may be worth a mention here. Initially the proposed images that were mocked up amounted to around 30, some repeat and remixed images with varied colorways reflective of the team colors in the new movie.

The strap line on the images was ‘FUTURESPORT’.

A healthy personal insight when attempting to handle a larger project in the correct manner.


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