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Southwest, Great Britain.

Experimental artist seeking the aesthetic edge.

February 2009 / № 168




I wanted to work with Markus Baier for a while… not just for a pointless collaboration, but on an illustration awareness piece. He is young, versatile and always looking for a directional challenge, so it was fun to throw up this 50 / 50 analog vs digital piece. Communication was on point. Both working fast to achieve the desired outcome, Markus & I sketched, scanned, penned, inked and built up the Egyptian in a bid to explore this mode of thought.

The main objective is to use a potentially ‘analog’ statement of something that existed long before digital. An example of human will, of mystery. Something that would make a person ponder large scale questions. ‘Egyptian’ is simple, it resonates with stone, with measurement, with mind. Fighting back against devolution and the use of artificial intelligence that has been slowly capturing the human spirit and constructing a new world inside of our own… When did we cease to question and rely on this falsehood ?

The intention was to create a piece that reflected the use of analog & digital, from the perspective that ‘digital’ can only free a thing as symbolic or creative with the use of human interaction and/or intervention. Our collaboration injected a certain spark into the image that can only be found by manipulating certain characteristics of the digital field. The first, middle and last steps are all with the human mind. Design, process, execution. Analog & Digital can co-exist. But do we need them to? Without the emotion that we used to shape and let the image breathe and live, it is merely a faceless collection of insignificant shapes. If by our choice the initial sketch is taken away, it would still remain an emotionless abstraction, neither one thing or the other. It does not feel, it does not know. The machine is bound by its own limitations. As a basic sketch, it was already alive and all further elements could easily have been completed by hand.

The systematic digital world needs us. It needs us to live and breathe life into it and for it. We have been placed under the illusion that we also need it in return. We do not. Take back what is yours. We live and breathe regardless.




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