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February 2009 / № 156


Bounty / Pirates & Buccaneers Exhibition / Plymouth Docks.

A Mutiny will never take place among loyal crew. Essentially this is a statement of fact. We pledge allegiance and gather our arms to fight the good fight, and stand strong against the opposition.

The chance to board the famous ‘Bounty’ was a real eye opener. The history of the original ship started as a small collier cargo ship by the name of Bethia, built at Blaydes Shipyard in Hull, 1784. The sturdy construction of such ships made them perfect for extensive ocean expeditions and explorations, aswell as being fine cargo haulers. The ship was purchased three years later by the Royal Navy to accompany a further number of vessels toward Tahiti in an attempt to secure regular trade routes onward to the West Indies in the hope of extending the plantation of breadfruit trees as currency, and a food source for low waged and unpaid individuals. The ship was now renamed Bounty. The name conjures thoughts of abundance, and ‘Bounty’ was now intended to act as a secure lifeline for many many people.

Further accounts have been portrayed in movies and books, with many that sailed upon the Bounty to be hero or villain. In fact the only two men ever to command the ship were William Bligh, who is also noted in the Rum Rebellion of 1808 and Fletcher Christian, who scholars believe may have faked his own death and inspired much of Coleridge’s famous poetry works.

The relevance here is that tribute is paid to the Union of men from the original ships build to the above 1962 rebuilt and widely used replica, with as near perfect detail as possible. Even when stood on the deck at the Captains wheel, there were Woodworkers repairing various timber damage.

WE recognise The Draftsmen, The Wood Turners, The Ship Wrights, The Sail Makers. This is the original driving force behind the craft. The unseen and unsung heroes of craftsmanship. These are the people that made further worldwide discovery possible. This was the voyage. Machines were never needed & Batteries not included.




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