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July 2012 / № 078


The Legend of Gandring (see story here)
Artwork for Nirmana Exhibition, Jakarta, Indonesia

March 2012 / № 075


NEW YORK TYPES opens with a party on Thursday, December 15, 6:30 pm-10:30 pm EST, at the ADC Gallery, 106 West 29th St., NYC.
For more information, please visit here

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March 2012 / № 073


Welcome march! Asian Storm with Trust!

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June 2011 / № 061


“I love Indonesia but hate to see the behavior of the people running it” perhaps summarizes the theme of this vector art exhibition.  Being born and living in Indonesia can inspire a love for the country, but at the same time feelings of hate and frustration can arise when seeing all the things that are not right that happen here.  Conflicting feelings like these are not always easy to express.  Most of us who do not play a role in decision making can only grumble to ourselves, then slowly try to adapt to the situation.

Vector art is a global product of urban culture.  In Indonesia, vector art has quickly developed over the past decade. The emergence of the site VektorJunkie (VJ) through the electronic publication (e-zine), Vektorika, is one of the pioneering examples in popularizing vectors to the Indonesian public.  Now, besides using conventional print media such as books or posters, vector applications have penetrated various kinds of media such as t-shirts, designer toys, accessories, skateboards, electronic gadget skins or enclosures, murals, wallpaper, interactive media, and so on. This exhibition invites several vector artists from Indonesia and abroad whose vector pieces have been appreciated by many groups.  A discussion and meeting with the artists will be held on May 28, 2011 at Serambi Salihara.


Vector Art Exhibition
Honey, Poison, And My Country
Salihara Gallery | May 28-June 19, 2011
Opening: Saturday, May 28, 2011, 07:30 PM | Monday-Saturday: 11:00 AM-08:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM-03:00 PM | Closed on national holidays

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BW Poster – The Propaganda X KDU Indonesia. Just Trust! Your Hate

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February 2011 / № 053




Artwork for SOLSTICE MAGAZINE. Visit here

January 2011 / № 051


Playground artwork for KDU in early january. Trust the KDU!

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January 2011 / № 048


We just back online in 2011 after slept a long for 2 years. With new love, new works, new passion we stand up today as asian storm. Please visit us and enjoy. Happy Nue Year 2011 for you all. Trust the KDU!

December 2010 / № 043


Vector Calendar 2011 project is brought to you by a few young Artists from Indonesia, and Thmd got a ration making artwork for the month of June. For details to be published in early January 2011. Dont be miss it guys!
Big thx to Heru Prasetyo Jalal for the photos :)

November 2010 / № 042

Strada X Wordsmith Cover Projects

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November 2010 / № 040


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November 2010 / № 038


YAW – You Are We


ACT NOW™ Charity Project | A Tribute to the Victims of Merapi Disaster in my city, Yogyakarta – Indonesia. Model taken from DBH Templete.

October 2010 / № 031

A Tribute to Everybody Loves Indonesia, a new clothing brand from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

September 2010 / № 028


Quantus Wall Graphics (inspiration series) in Oklahoma.

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