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Brno, Czech Republic

Lukas Brezak alias Dr. Lukas Brezak is "the most terrifying" Freelance Artist, Digital Painter, Illustrator, Designer, 3D Artist and Photographer, ever born.

We don't know a lot about the doctor. They say he was found in the dark shadows of october forest in Northern Moravia in Czech Republic in 1980. Nowadays you can mostly hear about his bloody operations from the Southeast of the Czech Republic, from Brno. For a long time he hasn't been seen anywhere. Some say he fell in love, others tell us he's fighting for freedom... but who knows? Is he still working on art?

We hope so...
February 2009 / № 004


There is lot of work to dooo… seems that Dr. Brezak joins the KDU in one of the busiest year of all time :D … the odyssey continue, Surgery Minor is in emergency mode… preparing a lot of stuffs… :D Carry on, Stay strong!

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