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Timisoara, Romania

Romania-based designer, Stefan Lucut’s work is a mix of type, photography,
and vector elements, infused with a modern, contemporary feel.
He mixes vibrant colors, serifed typography and primitive shapes to create
imagery that is both bold and strong.

Despite the minimalist nature of his site, it does not take long to recognize
the maturity and imagination that comes through in his work.

February 2009 / № 009

Stefan LucutFree prints giveaway
Yep this is what you think it is. Two years ago I’ve done something similar with 13 artworks, giving away the print sources on high rez. Now I just want to give away 3 of my latest works. Lately I got 2 great collaborations, one is the “Obama facing the colors” done with my young friend from Germany – Magomed Dovjenko and the second is about “Marché de Noël” done with my old good friend Radu Popescu. But I’ve said I got 3 prints to give away, so yeah you probably already guess, is about “Khs“.

When you work just for fun or you have some rejected works that you feel they are top, your work remain just on your computer then you got a bad feeling that something is unfinished, something is missing. So I print them and they came up to live, and you got a nice feeling. So I thought I should expand this great feeling in a very easy way. To give them free for all who wants and expand the happiness that this pieces will never die on the internet or on my computer. I think this should be a good way for every designer who feels like this.

Find how you can get them here!!



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