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We just launched a new experience for A Company of Wolves — WeCreateWolves.com

A Co. of WLVS, is an ideal experience of art & design. The artists involved act as a symbol to represent the canis lupus migrations & travels throughout each territory across the globe. A visual field of tracks / wolf-line collectively & individually. We’ve created a dialogue with the historical + mythical battle of the wolf. The fear & pride; the monster in your view-finder, did our imagination create it, questions of if it was/is/continues an illusory matrix & the epic odyssey of our dear protagonist-villain polarity.

This new site was launched to share more of what we have to offer.  You should continue to view ofWLVS.co for news updates & corporate/commercial information. Pulling energy with each phase of the moon, a record of pack activities are on the following social sites — ofWLVS.tumblr.com, @ofWLVS, facebook.com/ACompanyOfWolves, be.net/ACompanyOfWolves & pinterest.com/ofWLVS


We pride our-self on showcasing the full experience of an idea being born, creating is a process that gives life to something & the beginning stages are key / therefor we try to keep insight open to allow for autonomy to bring forth the most natural & unadulterated entity.

Supplemental Material Packs are our way of keeping the subscriber from ripping pages from our publications (AntiAnti) & reinforcing to make whole the experience of value concerning consumer relations in youth brands.


Each piece, whether birthed out of a quickening or manifested through well-thought out theory, there has to be some form of balance, so we make sure a theme connects to each visual even though it may appear a lone wolf has strayed from the pack (w/ α, β, and Ω in mind) — unity is ever so present.

Quality control is an on-going journey & we have built a system that keeps the idea of one territory, while the reality of it all, helps us to consistently manage growth.


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