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Sydney, Australia

Ravi Vasavan is an Australian multidisciplinary designer & art director residing and working in Sydney, Australia. Open to freelance and collaborative opportunities.

His portfolio can be found at Thinking Making, visual based blog at A Boy In Mid Air and his uncensored day-to-day banter at Twitter.

Further information and an expanded selection of commercial work is available in the Résumé which can be provided on request via Email.

The portrait image of Ravi Vasavan seen to the right is by the finest drawer alive, Jenny Mörtsell.

September 2010 / № 008


Just before setting off for a week of madness in Singapore, I bought myself a new bicycle from a relatively underground brand with strong presence of Italian heritage, Chappelli Cycles. Picked it up on the eve of departure which meant I couldn’t find the time to ride it properly, until today (I landed back into Australia late last night) and it was heavenly. I even took the time to flip the rear wheel so it is a fixed gear bicycle now and took some photos of it.

All that is left is to give it a name, I’d love it if you could help me with that – I am looking for something rather feminine and of Italian origin. Suggest via email – get to me at ravi(at)thinkingmaking.com

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August 2010 / № 006

Toy Poster

A Boy In Mid Air is an online visual repository curated by yours truly. A collective catalogue of images, ideas, & beauty that moves me and hopefully you.

The image above is from ever-so fantastic Christopher Gray of We Shall See.

August 2010 / № 003

Typography & Context Process Journal - 52pp A5 Booklet

I’ve launched my site recently, utilising an interesting open source framework which fetches image and information from Flickr based on what I’ve uploaded to a set in my stream. The site itself is showcasing a good mix of personal, education and commercial related work. Enjoy browsing.

Thinking Making

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Book Cover Design





Escape Keys





Gothic Calligraphy & Lettering Packaging

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