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Vancouver, Canada

My name is Tamish Aswani and I go by the alias of Pronto Pixel. I was born in India and grew up in good old Indonesia. As a kid, drawing was something that let my imagination run free without any boundaries. Since then, I have been on a creative adventure, exploring my way through the vast worlds within my own mind. I can only hope that in the future, people will look at my work and say, “that’s one of the most amazing, innovative creations I’ve seen.”
February 2009 / № 084

Once again, the good folks from one of Jakarta’s finest denim company – Aye!denim commissioned me to produce three new graphics to add to their latest season. I have seen this brand grow from the start and I am honored to help them out on their creative ventures.  Keep your eyes open for these fresh new articles to be released as the day is coming soon!headbalancegraphicanchorlightgraphicproduct1



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