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Vancouver, Canada

My name is Tamish Aswani and I go by the alias of Pronto Pixel. I was born in India and grew up in good old Indonesia. As a kid, drawing was something that let my imagination run free without any boundaries. Since then, I have been on a creative adventure, exploring my way through the vast worlds within my own mind. I can only hope that in the future, people will look at my work and say, “that’s one of the most amazing, innovative creations I’ve seen.”

August 2012 / № 092

Everybody needs a Time Off! And one of Indonesia’s raddest bands called time off knows how to deliver this message through their latest single! To support the band I designed a custom script to add to their fresh new video, directed by Mohamad Irsan from Gravitasi Video. So take a Time off and enjoy this awesome video clip!


Time off

June 2012 / № 084

Once again, the good folks from one of Jakarta’s finest denim company – Aye!denim commissioned me to produce three new graphics to add to their latest season. I have seen this brand grow from the start and I am honored to help them out on their creative ventures.  Keep your eyes open for these fresh new articles to be released as the day is coming soon!headbalancegraphicanchorlightgraphicproduct1

March 2012 / № 082

A few weeks ago I met up with the one and only Jeff Martini A.K.A founder of Vancity Original and discussed about designing some shirts to add to their line. The project is in process and I cant wait to reveal what we have cooked up for you. Here is a little sneak peek of the project, till then stay tuned!

February 2012 / № 074

A few months back I met up with the good folks of Aye!denim at their Jakarta HQ and discussed about designing some shirts for their new season. Here is a preview of the graphics that I designed to add to their new line. Be sure to grab some fresh new Aye!denim gear  by March 5th, you will be surprised by what they are about to release. Stay tuned!


February 2012 / № 072

Here is a recent illustration I worked on (left) and Toki Doki X Pronto Pixel (Right) when the guy him self came to Vancouver for a signing event.

January 2012 / № 070

Life forms before time. These guys were here from the start and now they are back from the past with friendship and love to offer. To adapt and evolve, say hello to the Lifers.

January 2012 / № 069

Lately I have been working on a series of illustrations before going to bed, exploring ideas and developing new characters. Ill be posting a lot of what I have been working on here. That includes the work in progress, rough sketches, finished illustrations and new characters. So to start of this update here is an illustration I am working on.

January 2012 / № 066

Inspired by Strawberries and chocolate fondue,
This is the last moments of the little fella before
he gets eaten away. Yum yum yum!



January 2012 / № 064
January 2012 / № 062

Here is a little update on what I have been working on, I just joined a Steve Aoki T-shirt Graphic Competition, The brief was to create a graphic using your signature style of illustration along with the silhouette bearded art work provided by them. So here is the art work I created for this competition called ”The Other Side” . Its about a world of friendly creatures and organism, revealing themselves from the other side of their habitat to a place called wonderland. Voting begins on the 25th of January and I would really Appreciate some support. Cheers for the love!


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January 2012 / № 047
January 2012 / № 045
January 2012 / № 039
December 2011 / № 036
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