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Auckland, New Zealand

Andy Pickering is the New Zealand based Creative Director of PILOT Magazine.

PILOT is a premium quarterly print magazine that celebrates the best in contemporary creative culture from connected global networks, promoting new ideas, new perspectives and new futures. Each issue contains a diverse mix of art, design, illustration, fashion, photography, and ideas. While much of today’s media is information as pollution, PILOT adds value by providing a platform for the ideas that are driving change in the world. PILOT champions a new, emerging Zeitgeist based on creativity, authenticity, ethical consumption, a desire for change and a new appreciation for the role that art, design and technology play in shaping our lives. With spirited writing and a strong creative identity, PILOT brings a fresh perspective to a range of issues, offering a unique mix of progressive pop culture, provocative feature articles, world-class fashion editorials and stunning art and photography. Dedicated to the advancement and open expression of human culture, PILOT is about the necessary, the interesting, the fresh and the new.


PILOT #3 Poster

PILOT issue #3 is out now in New Zealand. After a short break we’re back and in planning for 2010. We are hoping to take PILOT further out into international waters this year. Stay tuned for more and best wishes to everyone for a fantastic 2010.

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October 2009 / № 042


New Zealand’s 2009 BeST Design Awards were held last night at the Auckland Museum. We are delighted to announce that PILOT won the GOLD Award in the graphic design for editorial category. Congratulations to Arch, Jason and the team at InHouse for their fantastic work on PILOT. Arch and Jason are now working on the design for issue 3 and it is looking epic… Issue 3 releases early December….

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September 2009 / № 028











Fashion Vs. Architecture: Construct / Deconstruct

The above spreads are from a big feature in PILOT issue 2. It was printed on insert matte stock and printed in a two-colour monotone. It looks much better in the flesh actually, but these lo-res give you a quick feel for the feature, as does the text below…

Recent advances in technology have given architects the tools to create fluid buildings and fashion designers the ability to make garments architectonic. The language of each discipline is increasingly interchangeable as architects incorporate pleating, folding, and weaving into their structural designs while fashion designers use architectural inspiration to express volume and structure. Construct / Deconstruct explores the relationship between fashion and architecture highlighting common ground and suggesting potential new ideas for the future development of both disciplines.




Some beauty photography with some beautiful typography from PILOT issue #1

September 2009 / № 015









Future / Furniture

A few spreads from PILOT issue #1…


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August 2009 / № 001

pilot 2  poster

Hello Everyone /

This is Andy Pickering for PILOT Magazine representing Auckland, New Zealand.

Massive Dynamics and Greetings to all fellow members of The Keystone Design Union. 

A warm handshake is extended to David and Lex for all their hard work in setting up this new online community. I look forward to the many exciting new developments to come.

We come in PEACE

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