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New York, USA

British bred, Brooklyn based artist/photographer living and working in the us. My photographic work is honest and soulful. Over the past decade I've shot most music folk and many great images. I became a member of The KDU in o8 and have been involved in many cool projects since.

My clients are wide and varied; from Nike to Goodyear, from Paramount Pictures to Stussy. I have dealt with most record companies and have had the good fortune to shoot many great artists. Gradually I've turned my ship towards art directing - which resulted in a fantastic magazine called TALLY HO(co art directed with john hobbs)!  shot and art directed several record sleeves and music related projects-from hot, hot, heats- elevator(co directed by john hobbs)- Oasis: Box Set Package; Janet Jackson's Design of a Decade (UK)( co art directed and concept jason arber). My art work is inspired by the graffitti and paper art of new york streets. I've worked on many shows and exibitions in new york, from surface to air, to flip the script, KDU & DIESEL's ONLY THE BRAVE show, and Eye on the Natives-remastered book/show.

I'm currently putting together TALLY HO! number two-watch this space! In collaboration with the kdu I'm working on a great book project titled -THE STATE OF THE MOMENT-in which we hope to capture the creative fabric that makes up new york-we have over 600 portraits-this will be another kdu project. We have also just shot the new rochambeau catalogue-2010... More to come...

September 2010 / № 282
September 2010 / № 246

kill your idolkill your idolkill your idolkill your idolkill your idol-prince peter’s new 2011 collection of iconic rock n roll t shirtssavage gardensavage gardensavage gardensavage garden-rock n roll story-styled by prince peterthe collectorthe collectorthe collectorthe collectorthe collector ,styled by mark holmes for awanted magazinei wanna be youi wanna be youtrash-we are the flowers in the dustbin,we are the glorious youth,we are you

September 2010 / № 235

kehinde wileykehinde wiley

jimi poster boyjimi “poster boy”-tomkats barbershop stafftomkats barbershopthe chilton brothers -racing driversthe chilton brothers
alo dowlatshaiali dowlatshai

September 2010 / № 220

harley davidson custom bikes with ludacrisharley davidson with ludacrisfly 53fly 53
new eranew era rochambeaurochambeau

blaise kavanagh
smart car future citysmart car future city. commissioned by eddie brannan,23 ft mural in soho between broome and crosby,dig deepdig deep

September 2010 / № 204

the new boysthe new boyskaty perrykaty perryerikha baduerikha badudelilahdelilahtiny tempatiny tempa bruno marsbruno marskaty perrykaty perryyeasayeryeasayer
sleigh bellssleigh bellsdj atraxdj atrax
liam gallagherliam gallagher

June 2010 / № 186


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February 2010 / № 183

Picture 2

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February 2010 / № 180
September 2009 / № 086

     I got a call from paul mittleman from stussy in 06, he asked me to produce a series of ads based on my collage art work that i was doing at the time(i couldn’t use a computer)-I was asked to produce a sereis of ads for their upcoming campaign. I was asked to produce ten pieces  of artwork  in a time span of 2 months (this was all  starting from blank). 

The whole set of images was based on my bike ride thro east new york and over the williamsburg bridge into town. Using white space i dropped my images onto the paper-overlapping textures ,etc ,finally after 2 solid months i had 10 pieces made -the images made are now resting in folders under my bed waiting to be hung in a gallery.It would be quite refreshing to see by hand work in a gallery in these days of computer heavy images. Producing this type of work is so basic and raw ,but at the same time the images produced are timeless-To make collages ,you will need a travel pass,kinkos card,books from  the strand book shop or where ever else you can find them and imagination. The medium used is collage .







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August 2009 / № 061



 nike latin america 09

nike latin america 09



Using Artwork and Photo Illustration we created Striking Poster Images for the NIKE Latin America 09 Campaign.






We started this project last year in 2008,it came from an urb magazine feature we were doing.half way thro the week we realized that this was bigger than a spot  in a magazine,we decided to embark on this crazy idea of trying to photograph all the creative types that make up new york city-i must have cycled like a demon-across all bridges-many boroughs- it was hot as hell. but by doing this project i got to meet many talented folk that live in new york-i saw some cool and fantastic art and artists-we are still going and will continue to do so until we reach 1000 portraits(dont ask why the number-it just sounds magical).i do see this project lasting 5 years-really getting as many people as possible-showing the whole spectrum.

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Book Cover Design





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