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Oulu, Finland

I am a 23-year-old graphic designer / art director / illustrator from Finland. I have been involved in graphics for almost 8 years and was also selected as the Young Advertisement Designer of the Year for 2007 in Northern Finland. My work has also been featured in several prestigious design websites and magazines.

At the moment I am entering my final year in Oulu University of Applied Sciences Business and Information Management, majoring in Digital Media. I am also currently working as a graphic designer for Finnish advertising agency Työmaa, but I am always ready for interesting freelancer projects.

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February 2009 / № 015

Nice shirts and nice community!

Voices Republic is place where community members (read: you!) get vocal about what really matters. From local to global concerns, this is a platform where opinions are encouraged and respected. We are a community of creative individuals, constantly seeking inspiration and striving to stay socially aware of the world around us.

Check out Voices Republic!

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