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New York, United States

NYC based artist, designer, educator. creator of the nooka brand and it's products, including the nooka watches, belts, wallets and fragrance – all designed around an ethos of futurism and universal communication.

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February 2009 / № 105

video_com_for_blognooka videocom2010 is here! this is your chance to make and submit a video for nooka. project ends on november 22, and is hosted by our friends over at tongal.

Use your creativity to capture the essence of the Nooka Mindstyle and create a 60-second animated or live-action video that represents the Nookafesto. This is a freestyle project, so you can submit anything as long as it fits the project description and does not exceed the 60-second time limit. In addition to the six listed prizes, each qualifying entrant will receive a gift code for a 20% discount at the Nooka online store.

to view the full brief, click Nooka__VideoCom2010


submit your videos over at tongal.com/project/nooka

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