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NYC based artist, designer, educator. creator of the nooka brand and it's products, including the nooka watches, belts, wallets and fragrance – all designed around an ethos of futurism and universal communication.

February 2009 / № 097


please join us september 30th at 6:00 pm for the opening of hiroki otsuka’s show- mangdala.

the art space at fridman law group

curated by matthew waldman / nooka

the show is up until november 5th.please call ben at the fridman law group for more information: T 212 620 0935 or


brooklyn based japanese artist/illustrator hiroki otsuka honed his craft drafting and inking comic book cells for a variety of projects, and illustrated for a number of major japanese publications through 2004. in 2005, otsuka’s focus shifted from graphic to fine arts, working predominantly with traditional sumi ink used in japanese calligraphy. otsuka’s debut solo show at brooklyn’s stay gold gallery in 2005 prompted the new yorker to write that his works “…push the populist youth quotient through the roof.” since then, hiroki otsuka has gained international recognition with works being shown at berlin’s kunstraum richard sorge. from march 12-june 13, 2010, otsuka served as japan society’s first-ever manga artist-in-residence during the exhibition graphic heroes, magic monsters: japanese prints by utagawa kuniyoshi from the arthur r. miller collection.

hiroki’s show will combine two art forms, manga and mandala. manga, a popular japanese art form brings out in bright color our subconscious, secret desires. mandala is a another ancient form with roots in hindu that evoke esoteric and spiritual meditation. the combination of the two can not be in better hands than that of artist hiroki otsuka.

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