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Nigel Evan Dennis is an artist from Chicago. For the past 5 years, he has done commercial work under the name Electric Heat. In creating work for such clients as Sony and Coca-Cola, the desire to do something more personal, more inspired made itself apparent.
September 2012 / № 010


Hello all. It’s been a while. Been working with my band A Lull on a lot of projects lately, touring, making records, etc. But I thought I would share some new work and a new venture. Check it out at www.nigelevandennis.com ! Thanks.

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We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of “Weapons For War/Spread It All Around” on 7″ vinyl!!!!

The records will be for sale at our show at SXSW and and the subsequent shows after that. We will begin shipping pre-orders in the first week of March. If you live in Chicago, come pick get one at Subterranean on April 3, a show that looks like it will serve as a sort of belated release party.

Both songs will be on our forthcoming full-length, “Confetti,” but we wanted to get something in your hands in the mean time.

As well as the vinyl release, both songs are available right now for free download on our website and are streaming on our Myspace page.


Of course there’s more. Accompanying the digital release of “Weapons For War/Spread It All Around” will be four remixes of “Weapons For War.” The tracks were remixed by Triobelisk, Soft Crest, Kiko Correa and Burrows, and they are great, individual takes on the original.

So, order one now or wait and pick one up at SXSW or Subterranean, but either way,we’d love it if you headed over and download the two songs and the remixes right now. ENJOY!!

Thank you!

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October 2009 / № 005

Hey all. Thought I would take a minute to share my new commercial portfolio website. Thanks to Cargo Collective for the help!


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October 2009 / № 003

Hello guys.

For the last year or so, I’ve taken a break from the design world to focus on my first love – music.  The current band and project I am working on is called A Lull.

Last week, XLR8R.com premiered our new single, “Weapons For War”, exclusively on their website and we have had some great responses.  This is what XLR8R had to say :

“Chicago’s shape-shifting trio A Lull creates a vast sound far more massive than the sum of its parts. Their beat-heavy brand of post-rock relies equally on instrumental rhythms as it does melodic vocal percussion, a fact showcased fluidly on the XLR8R exclusive “Weapons For War.” Ripped from their current sessions for next year’s forthcoming debut album,Confetti, A Lull’s song inhales as much as it exhales—trading in swirling electronics and tribal beats for acoustic rhythms and harmonized vocal hooks as it breathes.”

We are really excited about where this is going! Go check it out and keep us the HIGHEST RATED TRACK ON XLR8R!  Feel free to repost and re-blog!


DOWNLOAD LINK : http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2009/10/weapons-war

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